Chapter 3.15: Dear Diary, Sweet Little Girl

by Kymber

Dear Diary, it took about a week to make the arrangements to have Mango’s remains buried by Aunt Keniesha in Storybrook. After the ceremony, in which Mango’s daughters Tia and Grace said no one was to wear funeral clothes, my family stood around gabbing and getting updates on one another.
It was strange to think that the last time I was here, was when Dad brought me to see his twin sister Jilly’s grave. The first thing he did when he got here, was to place flowers where she was buried. Her grave site was on the other side of the mausoleum from where Mango was now resting, so he had some time to himself with his dead sister before everyone bombarded him with hugs.
The first one to get a hold of him was one of his younger sisters, Rachel. Aunt Rachel, to me. The reason I’m explaining who these people are is because it occurred to me that coming generations most likely won’t have a chance to meet these people. I want my heir and the heirs to come later to know what a close and loving family we had. My hope is that the family will still be close even though it will be different than it is now, with new faces.
Aunt Rachel held onto Dad so tightly, I thought he was going to turn as blue as her blouse! But that’s how everyone was that day; and why wouldn’t they be? Whether anyone believed us or not about what Uncle Mango did for us, they knew that my father was no longer ill, on death’s door. And that was reason enough to rejoice and smother dad with hugs.
Of course, he asked if anyone knew where his other little sister, my Aunt Daylynn, was, and he was told that now that she was a well known anthropologist, she was giving a series of lectures all over the world. Dad seemed impressed and if he was at all disappointed, he didn’t show it.
Dad’s cousin Grace expressed her thanks for finding her dad and bringing him to Storybrook for burial. She felt like the family was where they should be now. I suppose it was a sense of closure since she and Tia had gone for so long without knowing whatever became of their father.
Tia joked with Dad about how he was wearing a Storybrook Fireballs ball cap, which I learned later was the big league team that Uncle Mango played for. She told a story then of her son Marvin dressing up for Halloween one year. He had a Fireballs jersey on and a grocery sack over his head. When she asked him what he was supposed to be dressed as, he said, “A Fireballs fan.”
Dad laughed at this and said the team had never been the same, always losing after Uncle Mango was no longer playing for them. She seemed to appreciate this remark.
It was then that she explained that she and her husband Grant had split up. He’d married someone younger than her and they weren’t on very good terms. Meanwhile, Marvin was away in the military and Ramona had gotten “in trouble.”
I took her statement to mean the baby dad was now cooing over was Ramona’s baby and that she’d had her young. Dad knew all about being in a situation like that!
Tia said she was now the babysitter while Ramona worked her way through college. Dad told her it was good that Ramona was in school and maybe she should just watch because Ramona would make something great of herself.
Have I ever mentioned that that’s one of the top things I love about my dad? He has faith in people. I think when he was younger and had lost Jilly, he decided he wasn’t going to need or love anyone. But over the years, he just couldn’t help it.
Moving away from them, I continued my silent observations. I found I really loved hearing my family chat. They were so loud! Smiling to myself, I knew in my heart I wanted a large, loud family.
Near Aunt Rachel, I spotted Ruby and Leonardo. She was kind of just observing things, too, and wearing a really pretty sundress. After this gathering, she was scheduled to go back to university. I was disappointed that she still wouldn’t give me the time of day. Maybe if I had faith in her the way Dad had in me, she would come around one day.
“You’re so quiet today, Blue,” Aunt Rachel said.
Every time I looked at her today, I was a little taken aback by how much she resembled grandma. My heart ached at how much I missed Grandma and Grandpa Capra.
“I’m just enjoying being around everyone,” I said with a small smile.
While Aunt Rachel resembled Grandma, she didn’t look completely like her. She had the red hair and freckles, but she wore a lot more makeup than Grandma ever did and somehow, her face looked a little harsher, even though she was, in fact, very sweet.
Uncle Josh looked exactly the same. He was as laid back as ever with more lines than I remembered on his face, but basically just the same Uncle Josh I remembered.

Chapter 3.15: Dear Diary, Sweet Little GirlChapter 3.15: Dear Diary, Sweet Little Girl

It was when I regarded my cousins Thea and Phyllis more closely that I wondered if they were the reason Aunt Rachel had such a severe expression. I smiled to myself as I thought about how, when they were little, I thought they were both the devil.
Once I’d said to Ruby, “If satan has sister’s on earth, it’s gotta be them!”
Ruby had, of course, been appalled at such a claim, but after seeing Aunt Rachel, I felt I could safely rest my case.
(FYI: There are rumors I’ve heard recently in Storybrook about Thea’s supposed nose job. She was the one with Uncle Josh’s nose, remember, Diary?)
Yep, this was my family, minus a couple people. In their own ways, they were crazy, loud, fun, and I loved them all.
The entire day, Leela hardly took her eyes off of Dad. I could only assume she was nervous he might relapse, or do too much too soon. But he was regaining his strength by leaps and bounds and it was obvious he was having a terrific time with baby Olivia.
“You are such a cutie-patootie!” he exclaimed as he held her above him and grinned.
“Leo, be careful,” Leela cautioned.
After a while, the crowd began to dwindle and I decided I would pay my respects to Jilly. Kneeling by her grave, I pulled a few weeds from around her headstone and pondered what it would have been like to have a twin.
Realizing it had gotten really quiet, I came back to this side of the cemetery to say goodbye to the last of my relatives, promising them I’d keep in touch. Ruby said she’d already told our parents goodbye and that she would take Leonardo back to the house where he, Leela, Dad and I were going to spend the night before returning to Winchester.
Turning back to Leela and Dad, I kept my distance for a few minutes. They were kissing and I didn’t want to spoil their moment.
As I came closer, I tried to step quietly. Even after all they’d been through, they still seemed to be so in love. It made my heart glad to know Dad was all right now and that he’d found the love of his life.
The next few weeks back in Winchester passed quickly. Dad was doing really well and his hair had even regained its luster, growing out a little. (I will never stop teasing him about the white I see, though!)
Things with Elliott and Audrey-Ann had really been heating up and Audrey-Ann even confided in me that she was expecting. Elliott had wanted me to speak to Agathe about Audrey-Ann staying on the island for good. I wasn’t sure what I could do about it, but I decided certain events had opened a door for me to bring it up.
What events? Why, Diary, I’m so glad you asked. You see, while I was away paying my respects to Uncle Mango, Agathe and her beau Nicholas Wyatt got married! What a sneaky, sneaky pair!
Really, I’m obviously glad because almost as soon as they reconciled, Agathe seemed like a different person. I did appreciate her before Nicholas’ timely return. However, now, she was more relaxed, she and Dax were getting along and she didn’t seem to rule with as much of an iron fist.
On the day I approached her about Elliott and Audrey-Ann, she refused at first to listen, saying that she had already given the matter great thought and it just wasn’t going to work out. It was then, that I brought up a few things…. like how we didn’t know anything her mother had said was one hundred percent accurate and there are two sides to every story. Besides, why shouldn’t we believe Audrey-Ann? Elliott does and he’s no fool. I also mentioned that if her romance with Nicholas could work out after all this time, why couldn’t Elliott’s? And lastly, I put the frosting on the cake by telling her about how Audrey-Ann and Elliott were expecting the St. Cyr heir and what if said heir was the next leader of the community?
This final thing was all it took to change Agathe’s mind. That evening, she accepted Audrey-Ann with open arms and the next thing I knew, she was officiating their marriage right then and there!
My life could not have been more blissfully happy. I had my family, I was on the island I’d grown to love and I was getting to know my brother.
“You know,” Leonardo said as he cast his line into the water while we were fishing, “the only bad thing about momma is that she doesn’t fish.”
“Oh I don’t know,” Dad said, staring out at the water, “she’s good at other things.”
“What things?” the little boy asked, his nose wrinkled up as he tried to think of something.
“She cooks the fish up, doesn’t she?”
“Yeah, she cooks good.”
“Well,” Dad corrected him and I raised an eyebrow. Since when had he become the grammar police?
“Well,” Leonardo repeated.
“Hey, look!” I shouted as I held up a huge tuna. “I caught the first one!”
“Let me guess,” Dad said with a grin, “you’re going to throw it back.”
“You know it!” I said brightly as I put the fish back in the water and made sure he swam away all right. I couldn’t stand the thought of killing the poor thing… or anything for that matter.
“Awwww man,” Leonardo groaned loudly, “I got a stupid Tragic Clownfish.”
“Hey, those are cool,” I enthused.
“They’re not good eating,” he frowned.
“Well, let him go and next time you’ll catch a good one,” I said.
Dad spoke then, and even though I was standing behind him, I could almost hear tears of joy in his voice. “I love you two, you know. It could only be more perfect if Ruby was here, too. You guys are the best kids ever.”
In unison, Leonardo and I shouted that we loved him, too.
Finally, he caught a fish, holding it up so we could see. After looking at me for a moment, he sighed and let it go, making sure it swam away.
“I think we’re going to be hungry tonight,” he said.
“Oh, I doubt that,” I smiled.
“L-Cap, stay here and fish, I want to talk to Blue for a minute.”
“Sure, Dad,” he answered, his eyes on his fishing line.
Dad and I stepped a few feet away before he spoke.
“All I wanted to say was that I’m totally not cool with what you did, but I love you, forgive you and I think we should put it behind us. Everything has turned out and that’s all that matters.”
Taking his hand, I said, “Daddy, I love you so much. I can’t tell you enough how much I’m going to try to never hurt you or anyone again.”
He smiled slightly, apparently seeing that I was completely sincere. “I know you won’t.”
Suddenly, he pulled me into his arms, kissed my cheek and said, “No matter what happens or if we’re together or separated… you’re still my sweet little girl and you always will be.”
I held onto him tightly and closed my eyes, squeezing tears out, “I love you so much, Daddy.”
The next day, really early in the morning, I went with Matthieu to the rundown farm he had his eye on. He wanted me to see it, I guess, because he said he wasn’t sure yet if he was going to buy it or not.
I know it’s a huge decision to make, but what I didn’t understand was why he was so keen to see what I thought. It wasn’t as if I was the one who was going to be living there.
From the road, it looked pretty bad, I had to admit it. But the absolute ruin of it didn’t completely strike me until I saw the front of the house.
And the back.
And the grounds.
With an incredible amount of enthusiasm, he turned to me and said, “What do you think?”
I paused to think about it again, my eyes roaming over the ramshackle buildings again. “Well,” I said slowly, “it could be a lot of fun fixing this place up. But is it safe?”
“Oh yes! Everything is solid as can be, it just needs, you know, lipstick and rouge.”
Just then, a screen fell out of a window and crashed to the ground, making me jump a little. Something told me Matt didn’t know very much about makeup. But I wasn’t going to rain on his parade.
“I think that if you do it, you’ll need help. So, let me be your first volunteer!”
Giving me a swift hug, he lifted me up and swung me around, yelling, “Yippee!”
Laughing and out of breath, I said, “Okay, put me down, we have work to do.”
Later that day, I had just fed the chickens and decided to take a small walk. I was nearing the edge of the property by the hay bales when I heard Dax call for me to wait.
“I need to talk to you,” he said as he caught up.
It was so strange to look into his face and not to see it crisscrossed with scars. He was absolutely beautiful. I know you’re not really supposed to say that about a guy, but it’s the first thing that came to my mind as I gazed into those deep brown eyes of his.
“What is it?” I asked. I wanted to smile but something about the way he was standing there made me uncertain. Why did I feel like something big was about to happen?
“I don’t know how to say this, Blue.”
After a moment, I said, “I guess the best thing is to just say it.”
He stared at his feet for what felt like an eternity and I felt my stomach knot up at his uneasiness. “Well, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking,” he began, finally looking in my eyes again. “While you were gone, I went back to Mango’s cave and I found a letter he left for me.”
“Wow, that must have been something else!”
“Yeah, it was,” he nodded. “In it, Mango wrote about how he had planned to heal your dad if he could. He felt that was his higher purpose. But then he added that he didn’t know if he would have enough strength to heal me, too. My face, I mean.”
Licking my lip, I nodded. Where was he going with this?
“When I was younger and first started getting to know Mango, I told him my dream had been to be a famous painter and make my way doing that.”
“Well, I think that’s a wonderful dream,” I said. I could feel my anxiety waning as excitement took over. “We could convert one of the rooms in the house into a studio for you! Or we could find a nice building with lots of windows and make it into a studio! I do think your art could take you far!”
His face darkened and he shifted his weight uncomfortably. “You don’t understand. Creating my art here – it won’t even get noticed. I’ve always wanted to live in Paris.”
I put a hand to my chest as my heart felt like it was beginning to sink. “Are you – are you leaving, Dax?”
When his eyes met mine, I could see the determination burning in them. “I’m not going to waste what Mango gave me. I’m going to see where my art can take me. If I fail, I fail, but at least I will have tried.”
“That makes sense,” I reasoned. “When will you be back?”
“That’s just it. I don’t know if I’m coming back. I guess it depends on what happens.”
“I’ll come with you,” I volunteered. “I’ve been to Paris a few times and I can show you around.”
There was an awkward pause and then he quietly said, “I guess what I’m saying is, you shouldn’t wait for me. I need a clean break if I’m going to do this.”
A clean break? Stunned, my head reeling, I said, “But I thought you told me all you wanted was a nice family and a quiet life here, in Winchester? You even tried to pledge your love to me! Were you just leading me on to believe you cared for me like that?”
He uneasily shifted his weight again as if he was immensely uncomfortable yet he remained unrelenting in his reasoning. “That’s how I felt when I thought having that kind of life was the best I could expect for myself. Now – now I have more options.”
My cheeks stung and burned as if he had actually slapped me across the face. I tried so hard to hold back the flash of anger and rejection I was feeling. “So, when you were all scarred up and hiding away in a dungeon like basement, I was good enough, but now I’m not?”
He looked at me briefly then averted his dark eyes as if he couldn’t look at me squarely. “Oh, come on, Blue. It isn’t like that.”
“Then how is it exactly? Because it sounds just like what I described!”
Grimacing at the loudness of my voice, he stumbled over his words, “Try to understand. I want to do this alone! I want to see what the world has in store for me!”
There seemed a real finality in that word he yelled… ‘alone.’ I took a deep breath, my hands forming fists at my sides, my nails digging into the tender flesh of my palms. Determined not to cry in front of him, I jutted my chin out defiantly and managed to squeak, “Fine. I wouldn’t want to hold you back from your dream.”
Dax took a wavering step forward as if to give me a hug or to say something more, but I turned my back to him. I still didn’t want him to see how hurt I was.
For a moment, I could still feel him standing behind me, trying to figure out what he should do or say.
And then he was gone.
Dax was gone and might never return.
Author’s Note: I know some of you will be sad/mad about Dax. But if he was to be truly happy, I thought he would need to find out what his true potential was. Here is the good news about it, though! There will be a spin-off story of sorts (entitled “Dax in Paris”) to follow some of his adventures and you will also see him come home to visit in the future. 🙂 
Here is a picture of the building Dax lives in now, in Paris:
As always, thank you so much for reading! We are half-way through Generation 3 and I hope you’ve liked it so far. Blue has a lot in her future yet, so stay tuned!


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bmitjessesue May 20, 2017 - 10:12 am

Every time I see that pic of Rachel I am taken aback! So like Memphis she is, it actually startles me at first.
I loved this chapter! Seeing Blue’s family again and the interactions between them was comical and satisfying.
Good riddance Dax! How unfair he has been all this time to Blue and she knew it too, deep down. Holding him off, asking him to wait-deep down she knew their coming together wasn’t right. She had growing to do herself but in the end she knew herself enough to know their match was not the right one. Especially after seeing his jealous temper fit-Whoa! Not an appealing guy to me!
Well done RO. I look forward to seeing what Dax is up to in Paris…and maybe see him grow too.

RosemaryMarie May 20, 2017 - 10:15 am

Thank you so much, Bee! 🙂 I’m so glad you liked the chapter. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that he needed to explore his potential. I’m actually really excited for him, as sad as I am that his future doesn’t include Blue.

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I loved it that Blue got to interact with her family. Yes, Rachel looks like Memphis, but I think Grace looks like Keniesha, so it’s like younger versions of them visited to say goodbye to Mango, so cool.

RosemaryMarie May 20, 2017 - 11:49 am

Thank you, Jowita. I figured there would be some “ouches” today. His hurting Blue was definitely unintentional and he is, as you say, awkward with words. When he goes to Paris, you will see how he is faring. 🙂

loladiamond01 May 20, 2017 - 11:50 am

I’m looking forward to seeing how he’s doing in France. That’s the thing that’s different about him and Dellie- they prefer different forms of art, haha.

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Dax is doing really well, I must say! 😀 You’ll see very soon what he’s up to. I was going to release a chapter about him on Wednesday, but I’m not sure if I will have it ready. We shall see. 😀

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I think though, that Dax is where Blue was when she landed there with them, so who knows what his life will turn out like. Maybe he’ll be able to release all that pent up angst he’s had inside.

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Thank you so much 🙂 Dax definitely needs to learn tact. lol I think you’re right about her dreams being closer to Matthieu’s. You’re so right about the parallel! I think I just really adore farms. lol
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Thank you so much! I’m happy Blue is finally getting it together, too. I cannot wait until her children come along! 😀
You’re right about everything you said about Dax and Blue. When you give your dreams up for someone, resentment is sure to set in even though at first, you may not think it will.

socallucyfan May 20, 2017 - 4:51 pm

On the plus side I am so happy to hear that you are continuing his story in Paris.
I hope his dreams do come true!

RosemaryMarie May 21, 2017 - 8:49 am

I think things will turn out very happily for him. 😀

audreyfld May 20, 2017 - 12:00 pm

What a roller coaster ride you took us on! My ship has sunk. The worst part of that was how badly he hurt Blue. Rejection is almost worse than death. They leave you on purpose. The scars are similar but different.
Matt will be there to pick up the pieces..I mean she’s going to help,him restore the house and it will become theirs. I see lots of possibilities with Dax growing in Paris and coming back. But it will be too late for them.
So happy she reconciled with her family. It was sweet that she visited Jilly’s grave. Leo looks good.

RosemaryMarie May 20, 2017 - 12:09 pm

Thank you, Audrey! 🙂 I guess that iceberg I put out there was too big for that ship. I do feel badly about that, tbh.
I agree with what you say about rejection and death. The plus side is that with rejection, relationships still have a chance to be repaired, if the parties are willing. 🙂
I think Blue is going to realize that Matthieu is not a bad catch at all. 😀
As you say, there are a lot of possibilities for Dax in Paris and I can’t wait to show you what he’s been up to there!

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Bah! Humbug!!!! Okay, got that out of my system! =( I do agree, that Dax has other options he owes himself to endeavor, and Blue would be a distraction at this point. I did hate to see her hurt, but honestly, I didn’t realize she was that emotionally involved with him, on that level, at least. I don’t really know enough about Mathieu to feel whether he would be good with Blue or not. It will be interesting to see how they interact over this renovation. Like joliesattic said, it is funny how an old farm is, again, a possible starting point for a lasting relationship. I am glad you like farms!! =) The family reunion was wonderful, and it tied up a lot of loose ends. They certainly sound like a ‘normal’ family, all the drama and changes that never seem to end!! It will be fun to see how Dax fares in Paris, too. Great chapter, Kymber, and I look forward to more…more…more…!!

RosemaryMarie May 21, 2017 - 8:53 am

Thank you, Marj. 🙂 I do, I love farms! lol At least Blue knows how to care for the animals and everything. Memphis kind of went into her situation blindly. lol
I’m so glad that despite the exchange between Blue and Dax, you liked the chapter and that you’re looking forward to seeing what he’s up to in Paris.

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I think they’re both on the same path, just Blue’s much farther along than Dax. She’s been growing this whole time. Dax only just started. It’s like he finally realized the world is a much bigger place than he thought, and now he’s wondering just how big he can grow.

bmitjessesue May 20, 2017 - 1:15 pm

I think that is a really good way to put it and you are so right!

RosemaryMarie May 21, 2017 - 8:59 am

I agree! 🙂

RosemaryMarie May 21, 2017 - 8:58 am

Thank you, fluffymao! Yes! I totally agree about how they look like Memphis and Keniesha! That’s one thing I really love about playing the generations like this; you get to see how the next generation takes after the previous one. 🙂
You put what’s happening with the characters so well! You’re exactly right about all of it. <3

fluffymao May 21, 2017 - 3:06 pm

I completely agree! I didn’t think I would as much as I do, but I totally love it when I spot features in one generation that have been handed down to the next.
And woo! I love being right! XD

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Thank you, hafuhga! 🙂 Oh, I know! I bet their kids would have been little darlings. I love to play fixer upper, too, so I can’t wait to dig into this house!
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So about Dax…. I understand that he has more oportunities now that his face isn't scarred, but I also see where Blue was coming from in the whole "I was good enough for you then, why not now?" Maybe a break will help them realize if they really want to be together

RosemaryMarie May 21, 2017 - 9:05 am

Thank you, Raymond! 🙂 I loved the family reunion, too! It’s a shame Dax had to rain on that. lol
As for Agathe, she is a changed woman! haha
I think one thing Dax might learn is some tact. LOL

Violincat May 20, 2017 - 2:01 pm

Much as I am disappointed to see Dax and Blue not become a couple, he does need to strike out on his own, without someone holding his hand. And Blue is happier at Winchester.

RosemaryMarie May 21, 2017 - 9:06 am

Thank you, Violincat! 🙂 You are so right about that! Dax does need to learn to stand on his own and to see what he can accomplish. And, Blue is immensely happy in Winchester, so going with Dax really wouldn’t have been what she wanted in the long run.

mmdrgntobldrgn May 20, 2017 - 2:51 pm

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🙁 No wedding pics for Agatha, sigh
As to Dax, always beware the pretty/vain boys/girls who know they’re prettier than average. Wishing him growth on his journey, but I’m not disappointed to see him go.

RosemaryMarie May 21, 2017 - 9:09 am

Thank you, Mama Dragon! 🙂 Right? lol Hopefully, Blue will become more aware of this in the near future! 😀
I’m so sorry about the lack of wedding pics with Agathe. I kind of messed up on that one because I was moving everything over to a new save (the old one was getting way too big) and somehow there were things that got deleted by accident. It was a disappointment to me, too.
I’m glad you’re satisfied with Dax leaving. There is a lot of truth in what you say. 🙂

Lila Remonn May 20, 2017 - 4:21 pm

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I like the idea of them fixing a house together, I bet it will look lovely when they are finished! And it’s awesome that Agathe got married <3
Nice chapter 🙂

RosemaryMarie May 21, 2017 - 9:13 am

Thank you, Lila! 🙂 I’m really sorry about your ship and the iceberg I threw in the way. :'( It’s true that they are in different stages of maturity and in life in general. I usually fall for the mysterious, dashing figure in stories, too. haha
I do agree that Matt is more stable. You will be getting to know him better in future chapters and we’ll see if he’s right for Blue.
Let’s hope the house turns out well! LOL

lilsapphire May 20, 2017 - 7:03 pm

OK Sweet Cheeks how could you do this? HMMM sending Dax away and breaking Blue’s heart? But then again I guess it is good that Dax gets his own life straightened out as well as Blue. I don’t think Blue really knows what she wants yet either.
That farm really needs some work let me tell you. Matt will be busy for years fixing that place up and getting it live in worthy. Those weeds sure do grown LOL

RosemaryMarie May 21, 2017 - 9:21 am

Thank you, Lil! Yes, I’m sorry, but Dax must go make his fortune elsewhere. It’s a shame, but I just don’t see, in the end, how it would’ve worked between them.
Oh that farm! lol Thank you for making the barn and all of that! I can’t wait to fix it up! 🙂

Ajay Vyas May 23, 2017 - 1:25 am

Thank you for taking the time to step on over to Love Relaished Ink. It’s wonderful to have your whimsical soul as a new companion on my long and winding road.
From what I have seen of your blog so far, I’ve no doubt you are already finding writing a totally engaging and personally fulfilling experience. I hope the pleasurable company of words will always flow and follow you as you flow following the flow of your flowing path flowing into the wide blue yonder, and flow onwards towards the adventures that follow the flow beyond that…
Best wishes. Take care always in all ways for always.

RosemaryMarie May 23, 2017 - 8:43 am

Thank you so much for your kind words. I wish you the same. 🙂

SweetPoyzin May 23, 2017 - 3:00 pm

There is one good thing about being sick…I’m finally able to catch up on your story!
Ok, I cannot believe we are already halfway through Gen 3. The next half of Blue’s life is certainly going to be jam-packed with adventures! Holy cow!
I’m really quite bummed about Dax. He was my favorite. I totally get where he is coming from but it still sucks a little nonetheless. And I know she has other (also adorable and sexy) prospects but I will always pine for Dax (much in the same way that I still pine for Penny/Peter). Ugh.
*le sigh*
Life goes on I suppose. Looking forward to where Blue ends up next!

RosemaryMarie May 23, 2017 - 3:32 pm

I’m sorry you’re sick, but glad you were able to catch up, SweetP! 🙂
I can’t believe we’re halfway through Gen 3, too! It’s gone by very fast! You are right that there will be a ton packed into the next half of Blue’s story!
I was bummed about Dax, too. I couldn’t see how it would work between them, though. It does suck, you’re right. 🙁
Dax will have a story out tomorrow about what he’s been up to. 🙂

lisabeesims May 24, 2017 - 6:38 pm

I am so happy for Agathe and Nicholas. I am sad about Dax leaving … but it will be fun to see what he does in Paris

RosemaryMarie May 25, 2017 - 8:14 am

Thank you, Lisa. I hope you enjoy Dax in Paris. 🙂 I was kind of sad, too, that he was leaving. But you never know when he might be back! 🙂

dandylion240 May 29, 2017 - 11:12 pm

I love the family gathering to honor Mango. I’m glad his daughters felt they wanted him beside their mother. I could have seen this going int he totally opposite direction. I wish Ruby would remove the stick up her behind. I know she’s hurt by what Blue did but holding a grudge is only going to hurt her and distance her from her family. That was part of Blue’s problem to begin with. She held her father’s fame cloud her thinking until she couldn’t see what she had anymore.
I’m glad Leo told her he wasn’t ok with what she did. She needed to hear that. Her actions definitely had repercussions even if things worked out in the end. I’m glad she realizes that she should have had more faith in her dad. I will never understand why she didn’t.
I have a feeling Matt wants to settle down and the person he wants to do that with is Blue. I have a strong feeling that Blue is his motivation in wanting that house and why he wanted her opinion.
Dax ugh! I knew it. I don’t blame Blue for being upset. No wants to be told that she was the consolation prize for someone who couldn’t go after what he really wanted. I’ve lost a little bit of respect for Dax. Blue did so much for Dax. Helping him repair his relationship with his brother and sister. Getting him to come out of his self imposed prison. It’s like he had no appreciation for what she did for him. His scars would have lent credence to his art as the suffering artist. I think his reasoning is flawed and shows how vain he really is. Hopefully he grows up. Looks aren’t everything! Blue is going to be better off without him.

RosemaryMarie May 30, 2017 - 8:29 am

Thank you so much. 🙂 I feel the same way about what Dax did and Blue being hurt about it. He definitely needs to learn a few things, tact being one of them. lol
Leo did need to make that clear to Blue and I think if he hadn’t been ill, he would have felt as much in an even stronger way. But at this point, he is just glad the family is back together and he wants to put it behind them.
As for Matt…. you just night be right about that! 😀

sensationaltragedy June 30, 2017 - 9:26 pm

I feel like that Tyra banks meme where she was yelling at that girl, “I was rooting for you! We were all rooting for you!” Dax broke my heart but I understand that Dax finally needs to explore the world.

RosemaryMarie July 1, 2017 - 10:30 am

LOL! Yes, that meme definitely fits here. Honestly, Dax and Blue probably could have made a go at a relationship, but I think she outgrew him a bit. Luckily, they both will have good futures. 😀

sempreviva August 18, 2017 - 6:19 pm

Well, it makes sense that Dax would want to see his potential and test the waters in Paris. The boy has lived nothing!
I think it was Elliot who called Dax’s lack of experience?
Honestly, I think Matt is a better fit for Blue <3 But I look really forward to read about Dax's adventures in Paris! 😀
Great chapter!! 🙂

RosemaryMarie August 18, 2017 - 6:57 pm

You’re right about Dax. He needs to do some living! 😀
I believe you’re right that Elliott called that. haha
Dax has some adventures all right. LOL Until he ends up having a misadventure of sorts…. but that’s later. 😛

MM Simmerific August 28, 2017 - 6:45 am

I think I missed the mention of Keniesha, Memphis and Liev passing away, but it does make sense because gen 2 is pretty old now. Gosh. Time flies so quickly. Feels! I really appreciate this chapter and how everything is coming together. I understand why Dax has to go, and I hope Blue eventually feels better about his decision. I’m sorry. I feel like there’s not much I can say in these comments, because I’m being so repetitive already. Awesome read.

RosemaryMarie August 28, 2017 - 10:00 am

Thank you so much and you are just fine. I really have enjoyed your comments so much. <3
I get really nostalgic about Gens 1 and 2. I can't believe we're on the cusp of beginning Gen 4.
As for Blue, I imagine she will come to understand and accept Dax' decision. I think it was best for his character to explore the world on his own.

Jes2G September 5, 2017 - 4:01 pm

It’s messed up how he worded it, but I’m glad he’ll be leaving for several reasons. One, he hasn’t lived, and he needs to figure himself out. Two, I don’t think he’s right for her, and I’m surprised she was that hurt by it.

RosemaryMarie September 6, 2017 - 11:34 am

It made sense to me that his character would need to live a little. As for Blue being so hurt by his decision, I can totally see what you mean. I think it kind of shows that she doesn’t completely have herself figured out yet either.

Jes2G September 6, 2017 - 2:37 pm


oshizu584 July 23, 2018 - 6:12 pm

Blue still has a ways to go before she completes her attitude rehab.
She may have had “little hearts” with Elliott and Dax, but she still seems a bit childish to me.
She had been avoiding making commitments to either of them but then gets all huffy because she didn’t get to be the one to say, “No thanks, I’m not interested.”
All this time, she’d been saying that she didn’t want to make a commitment or settle down. She was never really that into Dax, anyway.
Haha, I’m being harsh. Blue hasn’t completely won me over yet.

On the other hand, I loved seeing Leo looking healthy and meeting Keniesha’s daughters again. It’s been so long.
Someday, someone will hurt Blue like Blue had hurt Ruby and, just like that, Blue will understand why Ruby can’t trust her now.

Kymber July 25, 2018 - 11:41 am

Thank you so much. Yes, she has not “arrived” just yet. lol

I think you’re right that she wanted to be the one that was pursued, she would have her pick and then tell the others, no thanks. Pretty childish indeed.

It’s okay to be harsh with her. 😀 I don’t mind. And she deserves it.

I really enjoy when I can get the family together again even if it’s for a funeral.

Blue needs to be more understanding about Ruby, it’s true.

oshizu584 July 26, 2018 - 3:17 pm

You have done a solid job of getting us to dislike Blue before she climbs her uphill climb toward improvement.
Haha, I so understand Blue’s hurt about Elliott and Dax. How dare they steal her chance of rejecting them first? LOL

Kymber July 26, 2018 - 6:40 pm

LOLOL Right? I love how you put it, though. 😀


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