Generation 4 Heir Poll! – 8/26-9/6

Generation 4 Heir Poll! – 8/26-9/6

150638005537726 (3)The heir poll continues! I can hardly contain my excitement as we go through this process. I think Generation 4 is going to be a lot of fun.
As you know, I’ve narrowed the nominations down to the girls for many reasons even though I really do like Charles and Laurent. I did not feel ready to write a male perspective again. There will be male heirs in the future, I’m just not confident about it at the moment. My hope is that at least one of the girls will pique your interest enough to vote.
Whoever wins the poll and becomes heir will leave Winchester to go live… oh, wait, I can’t spill all the details. But I guess it’s all right to tell you that the next generation will take place in the real world.
Without further adieu, here are the nominees:
Happy voting and thank you in advance for your input!
Martha Larochette (“Marty”)
Traits: Ambitious, Brave, Rebellious
What we know about her: Marty is a tomboy although she has newly discovered a love for clothes. She will want to go to university and pursue something adventurous such as archaeology or anthropology.
Elisabeth Larochette (“Lissie”)
Traits: Athletic, Eco Friendly, Virtuoso
What we know about her: Lissie has been rather quiet, a wallflower, if you will. She has talents for music and athletics but has kept this to herself. She feels as if she must keep an eye on her twin Carrie but she wants to break away and assume her own, unique identity.
Caroline Larochette (“Carrie”)
Traits: Absent Minded, Hopeless Romantic, Diva
What we know about her: Carrie (who now wants to go by “Caroline”) is boy crazy. She will fall for most advances, if not all, and will perhaps end up in a rather unsavory relationship if she is not careful.
Susan Larochette
Traits: Bookworm, Shy, Artistic
What we know about her: Susan is a thinker. She considers consequences before actions and likes to weigh her options. She would like to lead a life that is stable and will want to attend university to make this happen. She also struggles with her body image.
And, here is the poll! Vote for your favorite as many times as you wish!

Author’s Note: I’m currently looking for author’s to interview! If you would like your blog featured in an interview, please contact me and we will arrange something. 
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0 thoughts on “Generation 4 Heir Poll! – 8/26-9/6”

    • Yes, ma’am, I sure do! lol I can’t say the results have been strange since this is my first poll ever and I have no frame of reference, but it’s been pretty wild so far. One sim will be ahead, then they will tie, then another jumps forward! It’s been quite fun! I can’t wait to see who wins!
      As always, thank you for your support and kindness. <3

  • Can I vote on where they’re going to live? Since I already voted on who I want to be heir? I vote…
    Paris! Paris! Paris!
    Because uhm… The world is really cool. And Dax is there. O_O Uhm well… hmm…
    I changed my mind!
    Monte Vista! Monte Vista! Monte Vista!
    (It was so much easier to chant “Paris!” Pfft.)

    • Hahahahaha! I love that you’ve changed up the voting! <3 <3
      Is Dax still in Paris? Hmmmm….. I'd better get a chapter out of his story ASAP 😀 😀
      Actually…. I can say this: Generation 4 is likely to take place in 3-4 different worlds. We will start in Longview II (although for story purposes, I might change the name of the world), then …. well, that's about all I can say. 😀 I'm so excited, though! 😀

  • I have thought about this for a very long time. And I finally cast my vote. Well, two votes actually (but not for the same girl).
    I just couldn’t decide between Marty & Susan so I voted for them both.

      • You are such a talented writer, and no matter who wins the poll, I know that I will enjoy the generation.
        Each heir has such a unique and interesting story. That is why it was so hard to make a decision.

  • I can’t wait ! Fortunately for me , I love them all and I know you’ll do an amazing writing job with each month so even if my pick doesn’t win , it will be awesome !

  • I am very glad I came not too late for the poll. NOt that I think Lissie will win, because she is so quiet but I think she is speciall and still waters… you know 🙂 I read the last chapter very light because I wasn’t feeling well and was mote than once on the hospital, after a stupid accident… I couldn’t sit or lay properly and even reading was’nt as nice as usual. That’s why I was so happy to be at home again as I told you on tumblr. I wish you a great time 🙂

    • Hi, it’s great to see you! 🙂 I’m sorry for all the trouble you’ve been having and I’m wishing you the best as you recover. <3 I see what you mean about Lissie and you just never know what will happen in the poll. 😀

  • For me it’s a tie between Caroline and Susan. Susan both girls tend to be reclusive, so something needs to happen to break them out of their shells. I love Marty because she’s been a tomboy, but her liking clothes could take her in the direction of clothing design which would land her in Paris. Didn’t someone say something about Paris? LOL Is their any one sibling she’s particularly close to that could cause the journey to include more than one but in the heirs voice? I’d hate losing track of any of them.

    • Thank you, Jolie. 😀 I do see your point about losing track of the other siblings and I will try very hard to include the family whenever I can.
      As for Marty and clothing design, I have something entirely different than that planned for her should she win. 😀
      Someone thought it would be fun if Generation 4 took place in Paris, but I have other plans for that as well and as far as I can see, Paris will not be a stop on our journey.
      I do like both Caroline and Susan. Thank you so much for voting! <3

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