Winchester Farming Community

by Kymber

1This is an explanation of the society I’ve created for Generation 3 in the Winchester Farming Community world.
Winchester Farming Community, for this story’s purpose, was once known as St. Cyr Island. As the name suggests, its main focus is agriculture and the people there are mainly self-sufficient.

A Brief History:

  • Winchester Farming Community was founded by the St. Cyr family when they became disenchanted with where they were living. Together with several other families, they founded St. Cyr Island (later to be known as Winchester Farming Community).
  • While the community might be reminiscent in appearance to what some think of as Amish or even Mennonite, there is no intention by this writer to mimic any distinct groups of people. The residents of Winchester do not represent any religious affiliations. Please also be aware that the people are not members of a cult. Try to approach this as a simple, if not backward, farming community that likes to keep to itself and maintain life in their own way.

Modern Conveniences:

  • This is a chosen way of life for these people; a simpler way of life where the complexities of the world have no place for them. So while they do have some modern conveniences (cars, stoves, etc.), they do not look upon possessions as something they must obtain, but they are simply used to make their work easier.
  • Material possessions are not necessarily looked down upon, it’s okay to have some nice things, but it is not the focus of life.
  • Electricity is available, however, most do not use it unless there is an emergency.
  • There is no availability to television, cell phones or wifi.

Daily Life:

  • Life in general is serene for the ordinary person. There is no sense of time, no rush to deadlines, however, they are very hard workers, often working from sunup till sundown.


  • This is primarily a matriarchal society. Women are valued (men are, too, but women are revered).
  • The oldest living St. Cyr female is recognized as the leader.
  • They do not often have visitors as the world at large has forgotten their existence. The island is secluded, small, and difficult to get to.
  • Other societal pressures and authorities have no jurisdiction in Winchester and are not recognized by its people.
  • The people of Winchester govern themselves, crime rates are low as much of the community is either related or cares deeply for one another. Matters that cannot be resolved are presented to the St. Cyr leadership which includes a small council of elected leaders in addition to the oldest living St. Cyr woman.

Leaving the Community:

  • When children reach the age of eighteen, they may leave the community if they so choose, with the blessing of their family and the St. Cyr leadership. They may return at any time but must conform to the society’s standards and laws. They may only bring an outsider back with them if the outsider is willing to conform and if approved by the St. Cyr leadership after a series of interviews.
  • All adults may leave whenever they choose. If they return, they are welcomed back. If they bring someone with them (i.e. have a family outside of the community, then wish to return, etc.), all shall be presented to the council before re-admittance.


  • The dress of the people is meant to detract from popular fashion. The clothing they wear is also very practical for the hard work they do with their crops and animals, as well as inside the house. Head coverings are used to keep hair and sun out of eyes and food preparations. It is not mandated that they all wear head coverings, but it is practical and so most do this*.


  • Probably to their detriment, education is focused more on agriculture and the care of livestock. Children learn to cook, bake, sew and other similar skills at a young age.
  • The arts are highly valued. Musical instruments, sculpting and painting are prized skills and taught to all the young.
  • Riding is highly valued. All citizens learn to ride at young ages. Animals in general are treated well and loved.

Medical Care:

  • Medicine is handled in the old ways, with natural remedies. Midwives are used for childbirth. There is a clinic, but most citizens prefer to tend to their sick at home.

Military Service:

  • Residents of St. Cyr are exempt from serving in the military as they do not believe in non-peaceful practices.


*A link is provided below to the site the clothing came from; it is called an “Amish Collection,” but again, please note that while this was the desired look for the residents, they are not Amish nor are they affiliated with any religion.
Please click on the links below to download the custom world (by My Sim Realty), the house (created by Bee for me**) and also the clothing (made by Poppy Sims) being used in Generation 3:

Winchester Farming Community
Amityville House
Amish Collection
(UPDATE: 6/19/17: It looks as if this site is gone)

**Please note that the original house I requested from Bee was a copy of the floor plans of the Amityville house. She did an amazing job and put the house on a lot that reflected the real house’s positioning and size. For my story purposes, Bee graciously expanded the lot for me into the farm you see in Noble Doubt. So, the house download on TSR is not a farm. Also, Bee decorated the house very beautifully and it looks much like the real life decor; for this story, I made the decor much plainer.) uses cookies from Akismet to reduce spam. By using this site, you agree to its use of cookies. Accept Learn More