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An author, simmer, R.N., Judy Garland devotee, classic movie lover and horror buff. I'm a redheaded INFJ who is also a vegan and I'm currently owned by Cesare the cat.

Featured Author, an Interview with Sempreviva

An interview with Smoke 'n' Roses author, Sempreviva.

Chapter 4.12: Dear Diary, the Last Day

Xalen enlightens Marty about the ghost, then she realizes something that will change her life.

Featured Author, an Interview with Louise

An interview with gifted author, Louise.

Chapter 4.11: Dear Diary, the Right One

Marty makes a new friend, gets a makeover and decides to go after the right guy.

Chapter 4.10: Dear Diary, Paybacks Are Rough

Marty gets more than she bargained for when Beckett is pushed over the edge.

Chapter 4.9: Dear Diary, Not the Family Type

Marty and Beckett's relationship continues, although, it is rocky. Marty sees who is crying at night!