Cesare… A Cat Story

Cesare… A Cat Story


untitledAuthor’s Note: Once in a while, I like to write short stories. Sometimes, it’s about my nursing experiences, other times it’s just something random that came to me. Anyway, this is my best friend’s personal story, told from his point of view. Thank you for reading.
Hi, my name is Cesare (che-zuh-ray) and I’m an orange tabby cat. A while back, I was alone and cold, living with some feral cats in an abandoned motel in the city. It was winter and most of the windows were broken out, letting the snow in. There wasn’t much to eat but there was this nice lady who used to come there once in a while and leave something for us.
I wanted to live with the lady, but she couldn’t take me in. You see, she was living in a different motel and because of this, she was not allowed to have animals. So, there I was… lost and without hope.
One day, some people came to the motel. I tried to escape them, but they tricked me and put me in a crate. I was so scared, I cried a lot. They took me to a veterinarian’s office. I don’t remember much about it because I slept through it, but they neutered me, clipped the tip of my ear and then released me back to the motel.

A cat nap.

As time went on, I managed to survive but I was not happy at all. Why didn’t anyone want me? What had I done that was so bad? As I roamed around the city, I saw other cats in peoples’ homes, sitting in the windows. They looked so warm and cozy. I wished I could have what they did.
I don’t know how long I lived that way. One day, I was captured again and put into a crate. As before, I was terrified. What was going to happen to me now?
After a long drive, it became apparent that I was not back at the veterinarian’s office. I was in a cage, in a house with a bunch of other cats. For once, I was warm, had food to eat and a nice hammock someone had made for me out of a baby blanket. Once in a while, the cage was opened and I was held and petted. I liked that a lot but wished it would happen more often.
I was given medicine because I was kind of sick. And I was given shots, too. I didn’t like that very much, but I figured anything was better than my life before this.
A bird!

On Saturdays, I was put back into the crate and taken to a local pet supply store along with other cats from this new house. Cages were set up in an aisle and all of us were put into them. Some of my fellow cats seemed to know what was going on, but I wasn’t sure.
As people came into the store, they came over to our cages and talked to us. Well, it was mostly the kittens that got attention. Sometimes, someone would take one of us out and these strange people would hold us and even take some home. But I never went home with anyone.
I was feeling much better physically, but there was so much missing. I longed for the day when someone would look at me and decide they wanted to be my forever friend.
Me and the Girl

One Saturday, I was lying listless in my cage when one of the store clerks, a young girl still in high school, started talking to me. Her voice was so sweet, it made me purr. She seemed to like this a lot. She opened my cage and began to pet me. When I nuzzled my face against her hand, she told me how sweet I was and that she had a plan.
To my dismay, she closed the cage and said goodbye to me. She told me to hang in there but I was so sad when she walked away. Something told me, though, that her plan might be a good thing. I would have to wait a whole week to find out what she had in mind.
The next Saturday, I was brought back to the store and placed in my cage. My girl came over right away and talked excitedly to me. She said someone was coming in just to see me and that she hoped it would work out.
Ready for my day!

All morning, I anxiously waited for this mystery person to arrive. Finally, the young girl brought a lady over to me.
“This is my mom,” the girl said to me. “I told her all about you and she wants to meet you.”
The woman seemed shy as she approached my cage. But her eyes really lit up when she saw me. I don’t know why but she seemed to like me so much when no one else had given me any attention. Suddenly, I realized this might be the moment I was looking for.
As the shy woman talked to me, I rolled over onto my back with my paws up in the air and I started purring the loudest purr ever! The woman smiled with delight and immediately told them to open my cage.
Taking me in her arms, she snuggled her face near mine and told me I was perfect. Can you believe that? I was perfect! She said to me, “You’re my new friend and I love you. I want you to come home with me.”
Sleeping in on a Sunday

Those were the sweetest words I’d ever heard in my life.
My new lady adopted me on the spot. I can’t tell her what my name was before, but she calls me Cesare…… she also calls me “Buddyboy” and her “best friend.” She’s my best friend, too.
For the past two and a half years, I’ve had lots of food, cool places to explore (she bought me a giant cat tree!), a warm spot to sleep and plenty of hugs. I’m home and I love it.

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