Chapter 5.27: Dear Diary, the Ugly Sweater Party

by Kymber
Holden's Ugly Sweater
Dear Diary, “Ugly Sweater Day” was on us fast! J.P. and I did the usual last-minute cooking panic thing but we ended up doing okay. Jem and Bea put up the tree and decorated that which was a big help. Of course, they protested the entire time, proclaiming the event “lame.” J.P. and I did our duty as fathers and proclaimed their attitude “lame.” This brought several rounds of groans from them. As the day wore on and the party time neared, I could tell they were whispering about us. It was easy to determine this because as they spoke, their eyes rolled upward in teenage fashion.
Our buffet dinner would consist of roast turkey and all the works that often go with that type of thing. Like every year before this, J.P. and I argued over how long to roast the turkey.
“It’s twenty minutes per pound,” I said.
“No, man, the length of cooking is by pounds,” he said. “Eighteen to twenty-two pounds has to cook for like three and a half or four hours.”
Once we decided how long to cook it, we couldn’t decide whether to roast it covered or uncovered. In the end, I didn’t know how that turkey was going to taste.
More Ugly Sweaters
Laz, who used to do my physical therapy, was the first guest to arrive. Once he greeted everyone, he dug into the buffet.
“The turkey looks super dry,” I mentioned to Ellie.
She smiled at me. “Oh, don’t worry about it. I’m sure it’s fine.”
Rosetta said a brief hello and headed straight to the food. I followed her and got plates for both of us, handing one to her.
“Don’t eat the turkey,” I advised as I made a small mound of mashed potatoes on my plate.
She smirked and loaded her plate with autumn salad. “I am ravenous.”
“Is that really your ugliest sweater?”
After chewing a huge bite and swallowing, she said, “It is ghastly. I could not decide whether to wear it tonight or burn it before anyone could see me.”
For a moment, it was as if I was talking to the old Rosetta. The sister I admired and adored. “I’m glad you could make it. I know you’re busy since the election.”
“You have no concept.”
“Well, I know Ellie’s been gone a lot, so I do have some idea.”
Her eyes met mine and she laid her fork down on her plate. “Before you continue, I need you to know I do not wish to have a dispute with you tonight. I am too fatigued to manage it.”
I felt my heart soften toward her and it made me realize how hard I’d been on her recently. “I don’t want to fight either and, in all honesty, that isn’t where I was going with this. I actually wanted to congratulate you on your win.”
Her eyes brightened as she regarded me and a small smile tugged at the corners of her mouth.
“When we were kids, Bea’s age, actually, you said someday you’d be Leader of the Free World. You said it and you made it happen. I’m really proud of you, Rosie.”
Were her eyes a little moist? I kind of thought so but I wasn’t sure. “Thank you, Holden. That means a lot to me. More than you know.”
Finishing off my potatoes and gravy, I put my plate down. “So, what’s next for you?”
“Ruling most of the world, of course.”
I laughed. “I mean besides that. You’ve finally achieved your big dream, so I wondered if there was a new one you had in mind?”
Her smile turned into a grin. “Oh, I have such plans when I take office in January. But tonight is not the time do discuss such things. Enjoy your guests… we can speak another time.”
I kissed her cheek before I moved on.
Jem and Bea
Next, I spotted Bea and Jem by the tree.
“Hey, guys, nice work on the Christmas Tree. Why don’t you get something to eat?”
Dad, we’re talking,” Bea said with that same emphasis she’d been putting on the “d” lately. As usual, dad came out “dad-uh.”
“Oh, sorry,” I said, moving on.
Shelly and Holden
“Shelly,” I said as I embraced her. “It’s so good to see you.”
“It’s good to see you, too. Your parents are so sad they couldn’t be here but they’re out of the country on Inheritance business. I decided not to work during the holiday and I’ll be leaving in the morning to see my mother.”
“That’s so nice,” I said. “I’m glad you have some time to visit your family.”
Her smile was radiant – to me, it always had been. Many times when I was a child and scared, that smile and those warm eyes had comforted me. “I was just congratulating Rosetta a few minutes ago.”
“That’s so sweet. I know you had misgivings about her winning the office.”
As soon as she said that, it felt like the food I’d eaten was lying in my stomach like a brick.
“What’s wrong?” she asked with a frown.
“I just – I hate it when Rosetta gets in my head like that, but I can feel it when she does. I love you, Shelly, but I don’t appreciate you doing that to me.”
Her eyes narrowed at me. “Doing what – oh! I wasn’t in your head, Holden. I don’t read minds like your sister. But I can sense things about you. But even if I could, I would never invade your thoughts like that.”
Shelly and Holden
“I’m sorry. I assumed that you taught Rosetta how to do that, I guess.”
Her smile returned. Again, it was soft and comforting. “No, you can’t teach that sort of thing. I only taught her to hone her gifts so she could control them. Imagine being able to hear everyone’s thoughts at once. It was so dizzying for her. I merely taught her to focus and block.”
What do you say to that? “Oh.”
Shelly and Holden
“I will admit, though,” she said, “that I understand your concerns and have had them at times myself. You are both powerful and it’s important your abilities are used for good.”
“I’m not powerful.”
“You could be but you choose the opposite. Which is fine even if your sister thinks it’s a waste of talent.”
“I always wondered what she thought about me shying away from that side of my life. Now I know.”
Shelly put her hand on my arm and leaned in, her eyes very serious. “Your fears are not unfounded, Holden. You must not push Rosetta away. You must stay close to her and help her.”
“She doesn’t need my help, trust me.”
“But she does. She needs you to be a gentle reminder.”
“Of what?”
She thought for a moment. “Of what it is to be good. Now, I’m going to attack that buffet!”
As she walked away, I shuddered. Would Rosetta ever listen to anything I had to say? It’s not like I was qualified to lead the world. I was certain any opinion I expressed would meet immediate rebuke.
Julie and Ellie in their ugly sweaters
“Holden,” I heard Ellie call, “look who’s here!”
“Jules!” I exclaimed as I hugged her. “Wow! It’s been a long time! Where’s Chris?”
“Working, where else?” she answered with a smile. “And Paisley is attending Holly Oaks University. She’ll be home in a few days, right before Christmas.”
“How nice,” Ellie said.
“What’s she studying?” I asked.
Julie sighed. “Teaching. She’s working on her masters at the moment and hopes she’ll get a job teaching elementary school.”
“I reckon she’ll be great at that. Is Oliver here?”
“No, he’s attending Mountainview on a football scholarship.”
“That’s wonderful,” Ellie said.
Zelda's ugly sweater
It was then I felt a tap on my shoulder. Turning around, I came face to face with Zelda. She giggled as she threw her arms around my neck and kissed my cheek.
“You’re such an old man now,” she teased. “I almost mistook you for your father.”
“Ha-ha. You look terrific, though.”
“I’m only kidding, you look great, too. Besides, it won’t be long before I’m a certain age, too.”
“Well, we don’t have to talk about that tonight,” I said with a laugh.
It was that time of year… seeing old friends did amazing things for my soul. Not to mention having pleasant conversations with my sister.
It all gave me an immense hope for the future.

An email from Myung to Holden…

Email from Myung
Holden's surprise for the family
Months later, the hubbub of Rosetta taking office had calmed down some. So, I decided to surprise the family with a vacation.
“Ta-da!” I cheered as I revealed myself wearing scuba gear.
All their jaws dropped a little when they saw me. Then, one by one, the light bulbs came on for each of them.
“What the – “ Rosetta began.
“- What’s happening right now?” Ellie said, interrupting my sister.
“I’m taking you all to Sunlit Tides!”
Bea’s eyes grew huge. “Sunlit Tides!”
“That’s – yes – that’s what I said.” I grinned at them as they struggled to understand the awesomeness of the moment.
“Me, too?” Rosetta asked.
“Of course,” I said, nodding for emphasis.
“Oh, I cannot go on a trip right now,” she said. “That is out of the question. Although I do appreciate you including me.”
“You can spare Ellie, though, can’t you?” I asked.
Rosetta smiled at both of us. “Of course. Have a good time.”
The beach resort
Welcome to our island paradise! There was a reason I wanted to go to Sunlit Tides. Yes, I wanted to get away with my family and continue reconnecting, especially with Ellie. But there was more.
Sunlit Tides is where the story of our family began. My great-great-grandmother, Memphis Noble, had grown up there. I wanted to see where it all happened so I could tell Bea about it. It would be up to her to continue the legacy that Memphis began, encouraged by her sister, Keniesha.
My first impression of the island was that it reminded me a little of Winchester. But Sunlit Tides had modern amenities and was under the control of the Free World Regime.
Holden and Ellie
We were having an incredible time. When I explained to our travel agent why I chose this vacation package, he spoke with the owner of the resort. Not long after, we found ourselves with a hefty discount! And now, we’re enjoying paradise in a resort much above our means.
“Are you having fun?” I asked my wife.
Holden and Ellie
“Oh, yes,” she enthused. “I forgot what warm weather was like!”
Winters were especially long in Fortress Rock so I couldn’t help but agree with her.
“I wish we never had to leave,” I admitted. “It’s so relaxing. And, it’s really great seeing you so much.”
“Well,” she said, her cheeks flushing, bringing lovely color to her face, “I didn’t realize … how much I’ve been working. And how much I’ve missed you, too.”
My heart leaped in my chest when I heard her say that. She missed me, too, it made no difference that she’d discovered it much later than I had. I squeezed her fingers and my reward was her beautiful smile.
“I know things have been rough lately,” she continued, “but thank you so much for putting up with it all.”
Bea joins Holden and Ellie
“I love you so much,” I said as Bea joined us.
“Hubba hubba, Mom! I can so tell you didn’t pack your own clothes!”
“I didn’t have time, so your dad did the honors,” Ellie said with a laugh.
“Yeah, that’s obvious! That’s the second time I’ve seen you in something hot! You’ve still got it, Mom!”
“Bea!” Ellie exclaimed, blushing even more.
“What? When I’m old enough, I’m only going to wear stuff that makes me look hot.”
“Whoa,” I said. “I don’t need to hear this.”
“Well, I’m off!” Bea announced.
“Where are you going?” Ellie asked her.
“I’m going to look for pretty shells on the beach.”
Ellie and I went right into parent mode. So, we spent the next several minutes giving her instructions on safety and when to be back.
That evening, Ellie joined me in the bathroom. The sun was beginning to dip into the ocean, turning the sky a gorgeous blue. On top of the lovely colors, Bea went to a party some local kids invited her to. This moment of twilight was ours.
“Holden! Is this really what you packed me to sleep in?”
“What’s wrong with it? You look terrific!”
All at once she was using Bea’s favorite phrase. “You’re killing me!”
Grinning at her and moving in closer, I spoke in what I hoped was a provocative tone. “I remember a time when you never wore anything to bed.”
That did the job. She laughed a little and smiled at me, her eyes twinkling in the waning light. “That was before Bea.”
“And, it can be us again, baby.”
The kiss that reminds them of their love

As I’d predicted while packing, the outfit wasn’t on her for long.

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bmitjessesue November 3, 2018 - 10:16 am

Wowzers! Every once in a while you read this great chapter and you go YESSS! This chapter gives the reader exactly what they need; a hint at possible somethings to come and an awesome dose of their daily lives! Will the story take a turn with those possible somethings or not……. so many ways you could go with this! Love it Kymber and so fricking excited to see what you do next!!

Kymber November 3, 2018 - 5:41 pm

Awww … thanks. 😀 I’m so glad you liked this chapter so much. It felt really good to see Holden and Ellie connecting playfully like they used to. Thank you so much for your encouragement and enthusiasm. 😀 <3

Jowita November 3, 2018 - 10:31 am

Wow, so many things happening in this chapter!
First off, it was nice to seeing everyone at the sweater party. And Shelly is right, Holden brings out the good in Rosetta. She needs him to stay ‘sane’ – well, sort of.
Ah, so that’s what Myung was up to. I’m sorry that she realized too late for it to change anything. But I do love that Holden wound up with Ellie. They’re so good together.
I had a big smile on my face when I saw Ellie dressed up in clothes that Holden chose. She still has it. And they still have such great chemistry.
Anyway, it was truly lovely to eventually see everyone happy and relaxed!

Kymber November 3, 2018 - 5:51 pm

I’m so glad you liked the ugly sweater party. lol I had so much fun finding ugly sweater patterns! 😀 I agree with what you said about what Shelly told Holden.

Yes, isn’t it kind of ridiculous that Myung thought he might want to rekindle something? lol I’m glad Ellie and Holden ended up together, too.

It was so nice to have Ellie and Holden being playful toward one another like they used to do. I’m glad you liked it, too. 😀

NotJustaBook November 3, 2018 - 11:01 am

Loved that sweater party, ha, ha! 😀 Those were some epic sweaters, except for Rosetta’s, but then she has a very different fashion sense from Holden 😛
I like what Shelly said about Rosetta – she needs Holden. Ellie is definitely a hard worker, but I get the sense that the only one who truly criticises Rosetta is her brother. It keeps her grounded.
That beach house is SO GORGEOUS oh my word! And I loved that they returned to where the family started. I honestly got a little emotinal at that bit <3 It’s so nice to see Ellie realise that she’s missed her husband. I’ve been worried about how cold she seemed.
That letter from Myung, though. Jeebus, woman… That’s so conniving and cynical of her. Like she could just invite him over and he’d get his feelings for her back? At least he got her job, lol!
Oh and I just noticed you have a page for Bea! Eeee 😀 I’m starting to get very excited about her generation!

Kymber November 3, 2018 - 5:56 pm

I’m so glad you loved the ugly sweater party, Louise. 😀 It was so much fun to do. Yeah, I think Rosetta maybe didn’t totally get what an ugly sweater truly is. 😛

I think Shelly was right also to tell Holden to keep Rosetta grounded. He needs to keep being honest with her, for sure.

When I saw that beach house on TSR, I knew we had to go there! LOL I can’t wait for them to explore the island and see where Memphis and Keniesha used to live. It will be fun.

Ellie and Holden are finally on the right track and it feels good! 😀

Yeah, Myung was living in a dream world or something to think after all this time Holden still thinks about her. lol I love what you said about at least he got her job! haha

Yes! Bea’s page is up and ready to roll on Dec. 8th! Woot woot!

audreyfld November 3, 2018 - 11:35 am

Oh wow. A great chapter. So many things happening here. The sweater party was great and so was catching up with everyone. And Rosetta….she just gives really bad vibes….I hope Holden can be the voice of reason when she needs it and I am pretty sure she will. Ugh…. I was actually shocked she agreed to let Ellie go for a vacation.

Holden and Ellie badly needed time together to rekindle their romance. I was really worried about that part of their relationship. It seemed non existent and Ellie stayed with Holden more out of obligation than as a wife since they had a baby together. For awhile it seemed he had a closer relationship with his weird neighbor than he did with Ellie. So very happy to see them take time to be together. ❤️ I laughed at Bea saying her mother still had it! 😂

As always, you leave me wanting more.

Kymber November 3, 2018 - 5:59 pm

I’m so glad you liked the chapter, Audrey. 😀 I loved that sweater party! haha It was so much fun finding patterns for the sweaters. I hope Holden can be that voice of reason for Rosetta, too. She really needs that in her life right now, for sure. That was shocking when she told Ellie to go on vacation! lol

I agree that Holden and Ellie really needed time to rekindle what they once had. I think this trip is doing the trick. 😀 They definitely had some rough years together with the shooting and then Ellie’s job. I think they’re going to be okay, though. I’m glad Bea made you laugh. 😀

Marjorie Flo Watts November 3, 2018 - 12:17 pm

What a great chapter, full of answers and more questions! I loved the guys arguing about the turkey, and the typical teenager remarks from Bea. She is going to be something special in this family lineage, can’t wait for her story! Not that I want to rush Holden off, he still has a lot going on. He’s got to be Rosetta’s “grounding” influence, she is so capable of evil it’s scary sometimes! I love the ugly sweater party, couldn’t help but laugh at Rosetta’s idea of an “ugly” sweater!! =D As always, looking forward to the next chapter, and this one was extra lovely! ♥

Kymber November 3, 2018 - 6:02 pm

I’m so glad you enjoyed the chapter, Marj. 😀 That turkey almost ruined a friendship but I have a feeling cooking that thing is a hot debate every year for them! haha I can’t wait for Bea’s story, too. I think it’s going to be on the light-hearted side of things but we’ll see.

I agree that he needs to be Rosetta’s voice of reason. Shelly had a good point there. You’re right that she’s capable of some awful stuff if she’s left to herself.

Rosetta’s idea of an ugly sweater is a little off-kilter compared to some of the other sweaters that graced the party that night! haha

cathytea November 3, 2018 - 1:13 pm

I’m looking forward to Holden stepping into his power with all of his good heart ! The time for that is approaching , isn’t it ?

Kymber November 3, 2018 - 6:04 pm

I think the time for that is definitely approaching, CT! 😀 I’m looking forward to it, too. The force of it really surprised Rosetta, so his might surprise him, too.

joliesattic November 3, 2018 - 2:43 pm

Again, ditto to all of the above. Glad the two were able to reconnect.

Kymber November 3, 2018 - 6:05 pm

I’m so glad, too, Jolie. Thanks so much for the lovely comment. 🙂 I think Holden and Ellie are on the right track again.

Jes2G November 3, 2018 - 6:13 pm

Oh lawd. Rosetta done won the election LOL. As if she wouldn’t win. I’m surprise she was able to come to the party!

I find it interesting and a little bit strange that the elder Spragues opted to work during the holidays. I know their work is important to them, but so is their family. At least to Marty. Shelly has the right idea. She’s still so beautiful. And young! I guess it’s safe to say she didn’t vote for Rosetta LOL. I’m sure Holden did, but I wonder if he was conflicted about it.

It was so nice to see all the old crew, Julie and Zelda. I was so hoping to see Chris, but someone has to be out stopping bad guys, eh? Zelda does look terrific!

I love Holden’s email address LOL. So, she got married, had some kids, and then learned family life was not for her? Interesting. NOT! lol So, are she and her husband still married?

Man, that resort is niiiiiiice! I’m cracking up at Holden’s PJ choice for Ellie LOL. I can’t blame the man. He misses his wife sooooooo much LOL. I’m glad they had a chance to, uhhh, reconnect. 😀

Kymber November 6, 2018 - 9:48 am

I think Rosetta came to the party for the food. LOLOL Although, the spread turned out not to be that great. 😛

Yes, I think you have something there regarding Marty and Xalen. They must be working on something big. Yeah, I don’t think Shelly voted for Rosetta and hopefully, she knows how to keep her mind closed so Rosetta won’t find out. LOL Holden was, I’m sure, very conflicted about it, but he also probably realized Rosetta would find out if he didn’t. lol

I was hoping to see Chris, too, but I’ve lost him and I don’t know which save he is in! :O Hopefully, I can find him again.

You commented on Holden’s email addy! hahaha I wondered if anyone would. 😛 I’m betting Myung is still married to Dylan and that’s why she has decided not to have any further contact with Holden.

I found that resort on TSR. I’ll put a link up for it ASAP. LOL @ Holden’s choice for sleepwear. 😀 😀 You can’t blame the guy. 😀

Jes2G November 6, 2018 - 11:10 am

HA! I so did not peg her as someone who came to parties for the food LOL.
You lost Chris?? Noooooooooo! I will form a search party!
I do not blame Holden at all for the nightie LOL

Kymber November 6, 2018 - 8:37 pm

LOL! Rosetta has many facets. 😛

Yes. :'( Chris is missing! I hope you find him with your search party. 😀

I didn’t figure you blamed him, really. 😀

lifeslemonslegacy November 4, 2018 - 11:57 am

Oh this chapter melts my heart. I love this little family so much. I’m glad Rose and Holden are connecting again. They should definitely stay close. They might be opposite in some (most) ways, but they both need the other.
Seeing the extended family at the party was great! I love catching up!
Wow, did you build their little resort? It’s so beautiful! I wish I was there, lol! I’m excited to learn more about Bea! New generations are so exciting!

Kymber November 6, 2018 - 9:58 am

I’m so glad you love this family. They’ve been through a lot. I really like what you said about Rosetta and Holden regarding their connection. I really believe they need each other, too.

I did not build the little resort. I couldn’t build anythingh to save my life. haha I actually found it on TSR (link coming soon to the CC page). As soon as I saw it, I knew where they needed to take their vacay.

twinsimskeletons November 6, 2018 - 2:36 pm

Haha, you dog, Holden. He has good taste in clothes though 😉
I think the holiday was necessary! And I’m relieved Rosetta didn’t join them. It needed to be just the three of them, I think.

Kymber November 6, 2018 - 8:35 pm

I think you’re right that it needed to be just the three of them. It’s definitely what the little family needed.

Holden, you dog! You made me laugh when I read that. 😀

Simsered November 6, 2018 - 9:33 pm

I’m finally caught up on all the chapters I’ve missed! I’ve been crazy busy with the holidays coming up, and planning our son’s first birthday in December. I’m glad I had some time to catch up!
It’s so nice to read these family centered chapters. This part of the generation has always been my favorite part! I just love reading about their day to day lives. Loved that ugly Christmas sweater party too! I’m already anxious to put our tree up, but I try to make myself wait until after Thanksgiving every year lol.
Great chapter! 🙂

Kymber November 6, 2018 - 9:40 pm

LOL I would love to put our tree up, too, but the Mister insists on waiting until after Thanksgiving as well. 😀 Christmas is just glorious!

Happy early birthday to your son! I understand how busy life gets this time of year. 😀

I’m so glad you liked the chapter. I tend to enjoy the family centered ones, too. The ugly sweater party was so much fun to do. lol

raymondsanti November 6, 2018 - 11:52 pm

It was so nice to see Jules again!! I’m glad she’s doing well and Paisley is fine 🙂 The contact from Myung makes sense. Hopefully there truly will be no more contact between them. It’s for the best. The family vacation was well needed! Holden and Ellie can finally have a bit of alone time.

Kymber November 7, 2018 - 8:17 am

I’m glad you liked seeing Jules again. 😀 I think Holden agrees that he and Myung don’t have any reason to speak again. You’re right that the vacation was really needed. Hopefully, it brings Holden and Ellie back to where they were before. 🙂

Jay November 8, 2018 - 1:08 pm

I LOVE the sweaters!!

Kymber November 8, 2018 - 1:23 pm

Thank you! 😀 😀 I really enjoyed finding the patterns for them.

heatherfeather19 November 9, 2018 - 1:18 pm

Sometimes I wonder about JP, lol!
Hmm, is something going on between Bea and Jem?

So nice to see Shelly and Julie too! Shelly is so right, Rosetta needs Holden to keep her grounded. Everyone else around her are yes men!

I’m shocked at Myung, and disappointed. And was it really necessary to tell Holden that? I get her needing to get it off her chest, but she could have deleted it instead of sending it. The only person who needs to know that is her husband! I just feel like that’s a burden to put on someone.

Their vacation spot is gorgeous! I’m glad they have the chance to reconnect. It makes sense that Ellie didn’t realize how much she missed Holden. She’s probably too busy normally to think about it!

Kymber November 9, 2018 - 1:30 pm

J.P. kills me sometimes! LOL You’ll find out really soon if there is something happening between Jem and Bea.

I wanted to bring in more of the past characters but I can’t seem to find them. lol This is a fairly new save and I’m not sure which save I left them in. :O I think Shelly’s right, too. Holden is probably one of the few people Rosetta will listen to.

Myung is a mess, right? I’m shocked with you. If it had been me, I would have deleted the email without sending it, too. lol

I think our little family really needed this vacation. I like what you said about Ellie not realizing how much she missed Holden and how that makes sense. 🙂

freejack100 November 10, 2018 - 3:32 pm

you come up with a cool title here and your island paradise resort, looks beautiful, good enough for a holiday there :)) great chapter Kymber

Kymber November 10, 2018 - 3:46 pm

Thank you so much! 😀 I wouldn’t mind taking a vacation to that resort, too! LOL I still haven’t gotten the link up for that house yet. 😱😱

I’m so glad you liked the chapter and that none of the ugly sweaters blinded you. haha 😂

Simsophonique November 14, 2018 - 8:15 am

Glad to see the family so connected, Holden and his wife needed to be together after all the obstacles they overcome.

Kymber November 14, 2018 - 9:18 am

Thank you 🙂 Yes, I totally agree. I think this vacation will do them all some good.

Simsophonique November 17, 2018 - 2:33 pm

It’s always a good way to keep in touch and tied the link unlaced.

lisabeesims November 16, 2018 - 4:28 am

I do not knwo how I missed this one .. but glad I got caught up .. <3 Sweet update

Kymber November 16, 2018 - 9:09 am

Thank you so much. ❤ I’m really glad you liked it. 😀

Violincat November 17, 2018 - 8:36 pm

I kind of understand what’s up with Rosetta now. Imagine hearing everyone’s thoughts at once! No wonder she’s the way she is.
I think Holden can continue to be a good influence on her, though.
The thing with Myung… Ellie was spot on about her, it seems.

Kymber November 17, 2018 - 10:05 pm

Yes, I’m so glad you mentioned how hard it’s been for Rosetta, hearing everyone’s thoughts at once and having to expend the energy in order to block it all out. It must have been difficult indeed.

I agree that Holden can be a positive influence for her. I think he may even be the reason she hasn’t sunk into the dark side already. lol

Ellie was spot on, as you said. 🙂


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