Welcome to booomcha! You may know this site as Noble Doubt, but that is actually the name of the main story that lives here. Because there are other stories in residence and more that I would like to write once Noble Doubt is finished, I decided to change the blog title to match the url.

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Noble Doubt is a dramatic Sims story told by the main character through a series of diary entries. Every 30 chapters, the diary is passed on to the heir of the next generation. Chapters are organized with the number of the generation, followed by the chapter number (Example: 1.1 = Generation 1, Chapter 1).

The Very Beginning (1.1) | Most Recent Chapter (4.12)

Index of Chapters:
Generation 1 | Generation 2 | Generation 3 | Generation 4

Posting Schedule:
A new chapter is posted every Saturday at 10 a.m. (Times are EST: Time Zone Converter)

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Dax in Paris is an unscheduled story about Dax St. Cyr. This is a spin-off of Noble Doubt which I plan to add to as time permits. Dax grew up in seclusion on a backward little island with his family. When he was a young teenager, he was involved in an accident that left his face terribly scarred. Over time, he withdrew from most aspects of life until one day, he met someone who was able to miraculously make his scars disappear. This story takes place after that event when Dax decides to strike out into the world on his own.

The Very Beginning (1) | Most Recent Chapter (3)

Posting Schedule:
New chapters will be posted Wednesdays at 10 a.m.* if they are ready. This story is not on a set schedule like Noble Doubt is. *(Times are EST: Time Zone Converter)

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If you would prefer to read shorter entries, you may be more interested in my short stories, poetry or the author interviews I have conducted. All of these and more can be found in “Shorts & More!”