Chapter 2.29: Dear J, the Procedure

Chapter  2.29: Dear J, the Procedure

Dear J, you’re probably wondering what all of this “procedure” nonsense is about. Well, since my visit to the cemetery with Blue, I’d been thinking about getting rid of the scar on my face once and for all. I mean, why hadn’t I done it before now?
Leela felt that I shouldn’t put myself through anything unnecessary, but she said it was up to me as far as what I should do. Every procedure has a risk, but this is just a little laser surgery, so, in my mind, it was nothing to get worked up about.
That’s how I felt until I got there the day it was to be done. At home, I’d been pushing Leela to hurry up. Getting to the hospital early seemed like a good idea because they always have you fill out tons of forms and everything.
But instead of going inside to get started, I hesitated, looking up at the big, formidable building as it towered menacingly over me.
“What’s wrong now?” Leela asked. She was trying to be patient with me, but I could tell it was running thin.
“Um, we’re early,” I said.
“Yes, we are. Because you said you wanted to be early. Isn’t that why I’m wearing the wrong bra today? Because you were so keen to get going?”
Honestly, I didn’t know there was a “wrong bra,”Β they all looked the same to me. But I wasn’t going to address that when she sounded so testy.
Uncertainly, I looked once more at the building looming in front of us. Leela watched me, then sighed, her demeanor softening.
“Are you nervous?”
“No,” I said quickly, but the little beads of sweat that broke out on my forehead betrayed me.
Leela pulled me around the corner to a bench and we sat down.
“You’ve been planning this for a long time,” she said. “What’s bothering you now?”
Shrugging a little, I said, “I don’t know.” That wasn’t completely true, though.
There was so much I had let go of since telling Blue about Jillybean. Would getting rid of the scar erase her from my memory all together? I didn’t think I could bear that. On the other hand, the reason for having it removed was because it was always a constant reminder of that terrible day and what I’d lost.
I had told Leela about Jillybean and the accident, so she seemed to understand where I was coming from. If she didn’t understand, at least she had empathy for me.
“Tell me about some happy times you spent with Jilly.”
That was easy….
But the memories were fainter than they used to be and in my mind, I saw all of the old photos of us as being tattered with age, the colors muted and strange.
“So, in a way, you’re afraid that if you get rid of the scar, you’re getting rid of your last memory of Jilly?”
“When you put it like that, I guess you might be right.”
“Tell me about your teen years with her. What were those like?”
That was easy, too….
The pictures in my mind this time were still tattered around the edges, and the coloring was still off, but not as much.
“Do you realize that while you were telling me about Jilly, you didn’t mention the accident even once?”
“So, what does that mean?”
Leela smiled softly at me, her eyes full of love. “I think it means that you can remember your sister now without your mind always going to that. I think that’s good.”
I thought about that for a moment. Leela was right, of course. My mind hadn’t once drifted to the accident. Touching my facial scar, my thoughts went to Jilly again. Perhaps this wasn’t a reminder of the accident itself anymore, but now it was more a reminderΒ of myΒ twin and the fragility of life.
“I’m going to keep it,” I said.
She had a panicked look on her face. “That’s a good decision.”
“Are you okay?”
Suddenly, she jumped up off of the bench.
“Oh, yes, I’m fine, but I’m in labor!”
“What?” I exclaimed, jumping up from my seat as well. “But you’re not due yet!”
Leela rolled her amber eyes at me between contractions. “Tell that to the baby! It’s not like my due date is that far out.”
This was it! I’d been waiting for this moment in my life. We didn’t have her bag with us, but that would be okay as I could ask Josh to bring it to the hospital.
OMG, the baby will be here soon! my mind shrieked. Trying to stay calm and collected, I grinned at her and said, “I’ll call your doctor.”
“How about we go inside?” she said, groaning in pain.
“Oh yeah, let’s do that!” I brilliantly agreed.
Gently taking her arm, I quickly ushered her around the side of the building, to the front and in through the doors.
It turned out to be a good thing we were already here because the baby was born in record time! I didn’t think it would happen that fast, but Leela told me second babies are sometimes like that.
Afterwards, I sat next to my wife’s hospital bed, the infant in her arms, sleeping. I touched all the little fingers in wonder and just like the cry baby I am, tears came to my eyes.
“Honey, are you all right?” Leela softly asked.
Kissing her delicate hand, I smiled widely at her. “This is one of the best moments I’ve ever experienced. I’m just… I’m so happy.”
She smiled sweetly down at the baby as her eyes began to close, murmuring, “I am, too.”
Later the next day, we introduced Leonardo Prescott Capra II to his big sisters who were very excited.
Author’s Note: There is only one more chapter of Generation 2 which will be posted next Saturday at the regular time. Can you believe it? Only one left? You are not going to believe how this generation ends or how Blue’s generation will begin! I can’t wait and I hope you can’t wait either. πŸ˜€ As always, thank you for reading.Β 

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0 thoughts on “Chapter 2.29: Dear J, the Procedure”

  • I liked how you presented the picture of Leo and Jilly and the conclusion Leela came to. I will not believe what Blue will be up to and how this generation ends now? Oh my, I thought it was quite a shocker that the baby was named after Leo πŸ˜€

    • Thank you, Jowita! πŸ˜€ I thought it was time that Leo faced that final demon and exorcised it, so to speak. πŸ™‚ And yes, I wonder how Ruby and Blue will like the baby’s name? πŸ™‚

      • I also wanted to mention that I really liked the bra part. Poor boys, I mean, what’s the difference between the dress and a skirt? And, oh boy, no, long shirt? Haha. I was like: wrong bra? And then went up and agreed with Leela. Yes, it was high time for doing that and I’m glad he did.

  • I really believe that Leo made the right choice to leave the scar. Not that I believe you need anything to remind you of a person. But it was right for him for sure.
    A boy!!!!!! Well that ought to put Blue out quite well. Dad’s son, that he gets to be with from the birth on…sigh but then again Blue would have her nose well out of joint if it was a girl, so there is no winning here! Oh I bet he is going to be so well loved and quite cute!

    • Thank you, Bee! πŸ™‚ Honestly, I couldn’t see Leo making any other choice and it was refreshing that he could think of the good times with Jilly despite what happened in the past. πŸ™‚ And yes, a boy! What you say is so on track! I will admit that I aged little Leo up in CAS just to see him and he is indeed very cute! πŸ˜€

  • Oh my goodness, that all happened so quickly!! I am really sorry to see Leo’s story slide into the background, but I know Blue’s will bring its own drama (of course!) and fun. I am glad it’s a boy, and I do think Blue would have been VERY put out had it been a girl! She is, and will soon realize, Daddy’s little girl forever! The bra…laughed my butt off…so realistic! =D You have a real talent for throwing in the things that keep the story ‘real’. I am still a bit undecided about Leo’s scar, but if he is happier keeping it, then that’s what counts. Great chapter! β™₯

    • Thank you, Marj! πŸ™‚ It did happen quickly, didn’t it? I will miss Leo a lot, but at least he’s happy…. for the moment. haha You are right about Blue. She will definitely begin Gen 3 with a bang! She’s kind of ending this gen with a bang, too, but more about that next week. πŸ˜€ I’m glad you laughed at the bra thing. πŸ˜€

  • Aww reminiscing about Jilly must’ve been good for Leo. I’m glad he kept the scar. And oooh, a new baby <3 I have a feeling the generation finale is going to be intense… Can't wait to see how Blue's gen starts!

  • Ahhh I really like how you did the pictures of Jilly as memories. I miss her 😩 But I am glad that Leo decided to keep the scar as a good reminder of her! And yay, a baby boy! I really hope Blue will like him, but considering the way she’s acted so far… I’m not sure. Great chapter ❀

    • Thank you, Lila! πŸ™‚ Collecting the pics was so much fun. I think Leo did the right thing. It’s funny how things turn out. This baby boy is so cute. I aged him up in CAS just so I could see him. πŸ˜€

  • Well, that was convenient. I wonder what would have happened had they not been right there.
    “You are not going to believe how this generation ends or how Blue’s generation will begin!”
    -I don’t know if I like the sound of that.

  • Oh my god! The new baby just couldn’t wait to be born and help ease Leo’s thoughts on life! That’s adorable! <3
    I'm actually kind'a glad Leo decided to keep the scar. It's was a big part of who he is, and such a defining feature of his face, now.
    You called it! I can't wait to see how this all ties up!

  • I’m so glad that memories of Jilly no longer cause Leo the severe pain they once did. He can look back to the past without first thinking of the accident. He’s grown so much! Leela is good for him in helping him through this and being so patient. It’s a good thing he decided not to have the procedure done otherwise he would have missed the baby being born. I almost wish it was a girl instead of a boy. I think Blue would handle a girl better. But regardless I think Blue is going to resent the baby because this in essence will be Leo’s first baby. He’s going to experience everything he missed with Blue. Blue I’m afraid is going to feel left out. πŸ™

    • Thank you, dandylion πŸ™‚ I agree about Leo. It took a while, but he did grow a lot. I think you’re right that Blue would have actually handled a girl better, but I let the game do its thing. lol I also think you are right that Blue is going to find fault with it all either way right now.

  • Oh…I forgot to mention last chapter…Leela was hilarious with the way she handled Chrissy. That milk & cookies & nap time thing…LOL.

  • Welcome to the world Leo II ! <3 Hmm not a color name, I wonder how the girls are gonna react to that…
    The memories of Jilly were so moving…it's nice that Leo finally remembers only the good stuff, and I'm sure Leela played a huge part of his healing process!

    • Thank you. It has taken most of his life to get to this point, but at last, he is there when he can remember her without overwhelming pain. <3 Wait until you see Leo II grown. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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