Chapter 1.1: Dear Diary, I’m Memphis

Chapter 1.1: Dear Diary, I’m Memphis



Hi! My name is Memphis Noble and this is my story so far. I really feel the need to write all of this down as it happens. It’s not that I think I’m so important. It’s just that I feel like someday I’ll have the answers that I’ve always searched for and it might be nice to look back at my old diaries and see how it all came about.

So you see, I’m not writing this for anyone in particular except for myself. If you happen to be reading this, and you’re expecting clever anecdotes or life lessons, I think you’ve come to the wrong place.


You may be wondering about the circumstances surrounding the beginning of this journal (diary just sounds so childish to me). Well, it happened like this… my sister and I were talking one night and, forever the person with suggestions, she said I should keep a log of sorts on the computer. She told me it would be therapeutic. That remains to be seen, though.

I thought once I sat down to do this, I wouldn’t even know what to write, but suddenly it’s crystal clear. I’m not going to go into deep detail about my past since I really want to write down the ridiculousness that was today. Suffice it to say that I was adopted. By a family of color. They thought they were adopting a baby of color but they got me instead; a skinny, freckled red-head. My sister was born into the family and she is the most gorgeous person I’ve ever seen, I kid you not. You’ll see soon enough because I’ll be adding pictures to this account.

Anyway, the Noble family was very kind and they decided to keep me. They treated me as they would any child and I loved my parents very dearly. They died about two years ago in an accident I’d rather not get into to if that’s all right with you.


This is where my sister Keniesha and I live. It looks like we’re loaded, doesn’t it? Well, we do all right, but we’re not swimming in dough. Our parents left us this house and a trust but we have normal jobs like everyone else. My sister is a police officer (she wants to be some big DNA Profiler someday). I work at the Bistro, on my way to becoming a chef. So far, I’m pretty far down on the ladder. But I only just graduated from High School.


This is Keniesha. What did I tell you? Gorgeous, right? She doesn’t have any of the obvious hang ups that I have. She’s the smart to my dumb, the pretty to my ugly, the “cool” to my “dork.” Also, she has boobs and I sadly don’t know what that’s even like.


Keniesha is always pointing her finger at me when I talk to her. Doing this always includes sentences like:

“You need to meet people.”


“You’re not friendly enough.”


“If you would stop spending so much time alone, you’d have so much fun!”


Generally, I have this expression while she’s yapping away at me like a little dog. I can’t help it. I can freely admit I’m not truly listening even though she seems to think I am. Today, my mind drifted to fishing. My dad and I used to fish all the time and I hadn’t gone since he died. I felt like today was the day that I could go and silently remember him as I tried to catch the big one.


It was early evening when I finally got to our favorite spot to fish. Dad always had at least one good catch out here each time we went. Mostly, though, we stood in silence, our poles in the water. He knew how shy I was and he was a quiet person himself. It was good, though. We could enjoy each others’ company without any conversation at all. I remember looking up at him while I put the worm on my hook. He always smiled at me. And boy, could his smile light up the room!


I was so intent on watching the water and thinking about my dad that I didn’t realize some guy was approaching me from behind.


“Hey there!” he said, about making me jump out of my skin.

I tried to hide the annoyance I felt but I knew it was stubbornly showing all over my face. “Hi,” I responded stiffly.

“I didn’t mean to bother you,” he continued uncertainly. “I’m looking for my dog. I think he ran this way.”

“Well, I haven’t seen any dogs.”


His expression, on the other hand, could only be read as bewildered. I silently admonished myself for my rudeness but I couldn’t seem to force myself to articulate an apology to him, so the bewildered look continued.

“I’m Liev Capra,” he offered.

I hesitated then finally answered, “Memphis Noble.”

He smiled slightly. I was used to it. “Memphis?”

I tried to smile, but it was difficult for me and I knew I wasn’t able to pull it off like I intended. “I’m told I was conceived there.”


He began to laugh but stopped abruptly when he noticed my prickly demeanor. I swear I don’t mean to be this way. I am at such a loss when it comes to people!

“I’m a musician. Would you like to hear me play my guitar?”


I love music so much. I should have said yes. Why couldn’t I just say a simple, one syllable word? Instead, I stared at my feet. At least I hadn’t done the dorkiest thing ever; at least I hadn’t said no!

But I may as well have.


“You know, I don’t even have a freakin’ dog! I just saw you and really wanted to meet you. But to be honest, you’re so pretty, I felt really intimidated. Not anymore, though!”

My mouth gaped open stupidly and my cheeks turned bright red as he turned on his heel and strode away.

I sighed loudly and looked up at the sky. Another one bites the dust.


My night was made complete when I got home and Keniesha met me inside the door. She made me tell her every embarrassing detail. At least she didn’t point her finger at me.


“Seriously?” she asked.

I nodded dumbly. “Uh huh.”


She pulled me into her arms. Her skin was damp from the swimming pool. But I didn’t complain. I needed that just then.

“Oh my poor socially awkward sister,” she murmured before letting me go. Then she patted me on the shoulder.


I take that part back about needing a hug.

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