Stella and Gordon Go on a Date

Stella and Gordon Go on a Date

Author’s Note: I thought I’d give you a peek at another save file I’m playing. Meet Stella and Gordon Adair. They live in 1920s Roaring Heights.

Backstory: Stella and Gordon have been married for several years now but have never had children. Stella wants a child more than anything and Gordon seems indifferent about it. 

Stella fears Gordon has married her for the money and properties she inherited from her family as their only child. He’s just now starting out in the business career path after years of living off of Stella because he knows about her suspicions. 

I took these pictures during my play in which the couple decides to meet in the city for drinks and a movie. Stella has just found out she is pregnant and is on cloud nine but she’s afraid to tell Gordon for fear he won’t want to be tied down with a family.

This is my stress-free game where anything can happen and nothing is planned. I give them very little direction. So, the photos aren’t perfectly set up and I don’t use any poses or cheats to hide headline effects, etc. 

I hope you enjoy it! 


Stella has just left the spa after a much-deserved massage. She is trying to relax before meeting Gordon for drinks.

photomania-4f23254bde7d10f3c46256ba71fbea0a (1)

They are in full dress for a night on the town! He is annoyed because she is lagging behind and he doesn’t want to miss their reservation. She is trying to determine the best way to tell him of their impending joy.


After enjoying their drinks and a light supper, they step outside.


Just as Stella is about to tell Gordon everything, a foul-smelling sim wanders by. Gordon is not amused.


“Oh my darling, my love, we’re having a baby!” she doesn’t say to him.


They arrive at the theater and Stella is so perplexed, she doesn’t even remember what picture they’re about to see.


The matinee is over and sims hurry home.


After the movie, Stella and Gordon return to their summer home on the beach.


The house is quiet and dark; the servants must be sleeping by now as it’s nearly morning.

“That was fun, thanks for taking me out,” Stella tells her husband.

As a “you’re welcome,” he dip kisses her.

Now is the time! He nearly drops her as she springs the news on him. But he’ll get used to the idea.


The sun rises on another day.


Stella is elated because she thinks Gordon is pleased with the news. She doesn’t see the way he is eyeballing her.


She turns to the side to show off her little baby bump.

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0 thoughts on “Stella and Gordon Go on a Date”

  • I so know what you mean by a stress free game! Just playing the game for fun and not worrying about aplot or anything! I wonder if they will stay together after the baby comes or if he will leave her before that.

    • Thank you, Audrey! 😀 Yes, it’s exactly as you said – playing for fun and not worrying about anything. As for what you’re wondering, I can’t wait to find out either! I’ve got to play some more! 😀

    • Thank you so much, Cathy! 😀 Sometimes it just feels good to play without any concerns except keeping your simmies alive. hahaha I also have a Dragon Valley medieval save I play for fun.

  • Roaring Heights (and your screenshots) are beautiful! <3
    Gordon is quite the looker if I may say so 😍 but unfortunately doesn't sound like a catch! Hopefully he'll come around before the baby arrives..!

    • Thank you so much, Jowita. 🙂 Oh, you noticed! I should have known you, of all people, would notice that. 😀 I’m so glad you like it. I’m worried about their marriage, too, but I have to play more to find out.

  • Well, now you’ve done it – got us hooked on yet another story!! Of course, we will want to know how this ‘plays out’, and it’s fun to also know that it’s being presented just as it is, an unmaneuvered sims story! And, by the way, they are a lovely couple! I love his mustache, so in keeping with the era! Happy simming! ♥

    • Thank you, Marj! 😀 You’re hooked already? LOL 😀 I’m so glad, though! I want to know how this plays out, too. I’m so glad you mentioned the mustache. I love the 1920s so much! It’s one of my favorite time periods.

  • I really love how you dressed them to match the town. Roaring Heights is so beautiful, and your sims look great in the 1920s attire! I like how your photo editing makes it look like an old movie, too.

    Hmm, I wonder how the couple will do after the baby is born.

    • Thank you so much! <3 This is one of my favorite time periods and I love Roaring Heights. It's probably one of my favorite worlds.

      That is a good question! I need to play and find out. 😀

    • LOL! Thank you, Lisa! 😀 I feel pretty luke-warm about him, too. I try to like him but then he gets those looks like he’s so disgusted all the time. lol He is hard to please, that is for sure.

  • I think when I go home for the weekend, I will definitely open RH to take another look. I remember walking around checking out the sim names trying to put together who was who from RL.

    I think one must always listen to those little voices inside one’s head warning us. For more often than not, they are always right!

  • I saw the page for this story the other day and wondered about it. I love history and was very intrigued. :3

    Gordon is such a looker (he might just be the bee’s knees) but he seems like such a jerk! Stella is so pretty, I love seeing her so happy about her baby. Hopefully she won’t have too much trouble with Gordon. Maybe she’ll be the one to leave him (if that’s going to happen)?

    • Thank you so much! I’m so glad you liked this little trip into the past. I love history, too, and also play a Renaissance type save.

      He is the bee’s knees! hahahaha I love that. But you’re right, he’s a jerk in game; always snarling and acting impatient. Maybe you’re right that she’ll leave him. I can’t wait to play some more to find out. 😀

  • Ha ha! Oh Gordon. He kinda reminds me of Leo! I have one and half just for fun saves that I take pictures in and post pictures on Twitter with my sarcastic commentary. 😀 The “half” is just for fun, but I’m playing that save until I get to a certain point and then I have to leave it alone until I’m ready to use it for my next story.

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