First Blogiversary!

Hello and welcome to this special day! 😀

The first thing I would like to do, is to express my deepest appreciation to everyone who participated:

Thank you so much! You can see the lovely things they wrote about Noble Doubt on the Review page. I was really overwhelmed by all the kind and encouraging things you all said about my story.

Today would not be nearly as fun without your support and participation. To those who read the story but didn’t want to submit anything, that’s okay as I’m glad to have you here as well. ❤


It’s really meant so much to me to be able to write this story. When I think of where I was just a short time ago, it’s amazing to me that I’ve been able to do this and also that I have the support from people like you.

Many of you know that I am a registered nurse and that I loved almost everything about it. Taking care of people and helping them get well is at the top of my list of most meaningful things I’ve experienced. When I think about it, I’ve been there when life has begun (and even delivered a baby once), and I’ve held many hands as last breaths were taken. It’s stressful, insanely busy and sometimes you feel as if you’ve taken a real beating emotionally and physically… but it’s also brought me so many adventures filled with absolute joy and pride.

You can imagine then, what it felt like to have a condition which would not let me continue doing what I loved most. Today, for the most part, I’m confined to a wheelchair in a body that hates me. I’ve tried all sorts of things to fight the depression and anxiety that often accompanies such a condition, but nothing has helped me the way writing has.

this-oneWere it not for the ability to dream about my story and get it written down, I would most definitely be in the dregs of despair. I know, this all sounds very depressing. But really, it’s not. I’m actually smiling right now when I think of the blessings in my life (a family that loves me, a cat that thinks I’m the best, friends who speak to me on a daily basis even though I’m sure they have other things they need to do, music that speaks to my soul, my art journal, other blog stories I can read, and so much more). All of these things, my blog included, remind me why there are good reasons to get up in the morning.

And so, on this one year blogiversary, I thank each of you from the bottom of my heart, from the deepest depths of my soul for reading, commenting, liking and messaging me. You are amazing!

All my love, forever and always,


33 thoughts

  1. Happy blogaversary, dear Rosemary! I love your story so much! Not only is it dramatic and exciting. But – what is more important – it teaches me to see a silver lining in every cloud.
    Have a great time! ❤

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  2. Love you and your story!! It’s a great family, and you are treating each individual with insight. Hugs and congratulations!! I definitely look forward to more great chapters! ♥

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  3. I am so sorry that you are no longer able to do everything you used to love. I am so glad that you can stay with us and write this story, and that it makes you feel better. Keep up the Nobles, my heart always goes to them and to YOU. My biggest congratulations on your blogiversary, I can’t believe how much changed here through the time I’ve been reading. Don’t let the depression and anxiety take the best of you, you are strong, kind and talented.

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  4. I only read it today and had to swallow hard because of some strange parallels… so that I really feel very strong what you told. But I can still work and my new job keeps me 12 hours away so that only a very few time remains for writing, building or editting .. or for reading and admiring inspiring creations. I hope you keep writing and editting your amasing pics! I am still a beginner on your Noble Doubt story but will keep following it as long you`ll write it, hopefully long! 🙂

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