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  1. That was not kind!!! However, it was a great chapter, and the use of a police report was very original, and a unique way to do it! Now, back to my box of tissues. =(

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  2. Holy crap what just happened? That was so intense (yet clever how you did the fire and no words)… arghhhh I’m not sure exactly what happened but did Leo die??????
    Question marks! This is so sad….

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  3. OMG NO!!! I don’t want to lose either of the twins, and they were so attached to each other!

    I love how you made a police report, a little fire gif and everything though.

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  4. OH MY GOSH! You can’t do this to me! I’m invested especially after Jilly did her scrapbook. Was this your plan all along; to do the scrapbook and then show this? Was this foreshadowing? My little heart can’t take this! I’m distraught!

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