by Kymber

These are all of the “where can I find…” requests I’ve had. If you’re wondering where any of the CC I’ve used comes from, feel free to drop me a line using my contact form, or you can post a comment on the chapter where you saw the CC.

Chapter 1.4: WCIF the dress Memphis wore on her date? Two Tone Babydoll Dress

Chapter 1.10: WCIF the upright piano? Traditional Piano

Chapter 1.12: WCIF the cows and chickens? Milkin’ It Dairy Corral & Fowl and Feathers Chicken Coop (Both are store items.)

Chapter 1.27: WCIF Chrissy’s hair? Zauma’s Dara 024 half shaved hairstyle re-textured by Sims Hairs

Chapter 2.8: WCIF Keniesha’s outfit? Balmain Crop Top/Pant (Middle, top row.)

Chapter 2.9: WCIF Keniesha’s dress? Jewel Neck Long Dress

Chapter 2.9: WCIF Rachel’s dress? Two Piece Dress

Chapter 2.15: WCIF Leela’s house? The Lake House

Chapter 3.9: WCIF Blue’s hair? Newsea’s Sakura Re-textured

WCIF the default eyes you use? Eyes N79 (They also come in contacts.)

Chapter 3.19: WCIF the hollowed out tree with bees/honey? Hollow Bee Tree

Chapter 3.20: WCIF the pose with Marty and the horse? Love and Horses

Chapter 3.29: WCIF Marty’s hair? Ade-Eva

Chapter 3.29: WCIF Carrie’s hair? S-Club ts3 hair n3 f

Chapter 4.6: WCIF the Egyptian world? Al Shibalba

Chapter 4.8: WCIF the black dress Marty wore to dinner? Valentino Collar Dress (First dress, top row.)

Chapter 4.8: WCIF the stripey dress that Marty wears in the first couple of pictures? D & G Sundress (Third dress, fourth row down.)

Chapter 4.16: WCIF the mansion used for the Neptune Foundation? Lyonia Mansion

Chapter 4.17: WCIF the bow in Rosetta’s hair? Rosie

Chapter 4.20: WCIF Susan’s hair at the end of the chapter? Florence

Chapter 4.20: WCIF Marty’s gown? Vintage Oyster Sleeve (Second dress, fourth row down)

Chapter 4.20: WCIF Susan’s gown? Issa Kate Halter Gown (First dress, second row down)

Chapter 4.22: WCIF Xalen’s sweater vest? All Spruced Up – Sweater Vests

Chapter 4.22: WCIF the dress Marty is wearing while she and Xalen are dancing? Exotic Jeweled Bodice Evening Gown

Chapter 4.23: WCIF the dress and necklace Marty is wearing at the festival? Designer Sleeveless V-Neck Patchwork DressPastel Collar Necklace

Chapter 4.26: WCIF the monster poses? Monster Pose Pack Updated

Chapter 5.1: WCIF the theater Holden and Julie are dancing in? The Phantom's Opera House

Chapter 5.11: WCIF the world the story takes place in? Fortress Rock by Quailhogs

Chapter 5.27: WCIF the house the family vacations in? Ocean Paradise

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