Special Mentions

by Kymber

Noble Doubt is edited by Bee from Stories by Bee and Poses by Bee. Many of the poses used throughout the stories were specially made by her.

Noble Doubt is very grateful for the design assistance of Jes2G from Stories by Jes2G. She did more than she realized and answered lots of questions!!

This site and all of the writings therein are dedicated to my husband who is slow to anger, quick to love, and our beautiful children who are always in my thoughts and heart.

I would also like to recognize all of you for reading and supporting these stories. I can’t tell you how much it means to me to get an encouraging word or to know you like what you’re reading.

So, this is also dedicated to the lurkers, likers, readers, and the commenters. Without all of you, writing wouldn’t be as fun. 

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