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Short Stories:

The Little Boy & the Nurse Cesare… a Cat Story Another Kind of Ending
Is This All I Am? The Stream, a black CATastrophy Short Story



MetamorphosisThey Danced Together Yet Alone

Author Interviews:

Jesse (BMIT/Stories by Bee) Raymond (Set Apart)
SweetPoyzin (Eternally Yours) Lila Remonn (The Kingston Legacy)
loladiamond01 (Jowita; neverdoitagain) Simsered (The Extraordinary Lives of Us)
Em (The Windsor Legacy) Kat (Katbagal’s Sims 3 Stories)
Cynanyx (Delirium and Daisies) Jan (Book ‘Em, Jan O)
Rosie (Stories by Rosie) Jerri Perri
Louise (Not Just a Book Sims) Jes2G (Stories by Jes2G)
Sempreviva (Smoke ‘n’ Roses)



I collaborated with Bee (Stories by Bee & Poses by Bee) because my character Jilly from my Generation 1 is friends with her character Jade from her Generation 3. The links below will take you to the chapters on Bee’s site as they are a part of her story.

Camp I Can – First Letters Home Camp I Can – Parent Account Post 1
Camp I Can – So Much To Tell you Camp I Can – Trouble At Camp
Camp I Can – Time For Goodbyes Camp I Can – Behind The Scenes
Chapter 2 – Dear Jilly/ Our New Life Chapter 6 – Paradise, Not So Paradise
Chapter 7 – Good News, Bad News or Undecided? Chapter 9 – Life Will Never Be The Same
Goodby, Puppies, Hello, Blue Eyes Chapter 11 – Eyes Opened To A Different View
Chapter 12 – Jilly, Oh, Jilly! Tribute to Jilly

Another Collaboration with Bee which was this time between her character Jade and my character Leo:

One Step Forward The Statue – TBA



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