Revised CC Credits

by Kymber

Hello, and welcome to the revised CC Credits list! My save file was getting really bulky, so, this time, when I started a new one, I decided to remove all of my custom content clothing. I love dressing my simmies, but I don’t like waiting for CAS to load. What I ended up doing was an entire overhaul of my mods folder. I kept most of my skins, makeups, and some of the hairs. I also kept a lot of the decor for the brownstone. My game is so fast now! Woot!

Anyway, this is a very long page without a jump menu yet (making one is on my list), but I linked to every single item I am currently using, arranged by the creators. If you would prefer to see the old CC page, you can still see it HERE.

(All links open in new tab.)



Andromeda Sims

Aphrodite is Immortal



Buckley’s Sims

Cassandra’s Bazaar



Lapiz’ Scrapyard


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