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If you would like to send me a hug, you can do so using my Contact Form. Thank you, all hugs are deeply appreciated.

What’s NOT to like about Noble Doubt?! Your way of telling their story via journal is a very clever idea and the characters easily grab a spot in one’s heart. Hard to pick a favorite character, but Leela definitely claims a top spot right now with her down-to-earth attitude and calm demeanor.


…your writing is amazing, your stories have excellent craftsmanship and your characters are well-developed.


Cute, unique interesting soap opera and artwork. Love it!

America on Coffee

The story of the Capra family to date embodies real life characters with real life scenarios that easily allow the reader to relate to every situation. I myself love Blue. We share a common type of childhood and I share her pain, frustrations when I read her view point. I’m completely hooked and can’t wait […]


I love this story! Saturday morning, I sit down with a cup of coffee and Noble Doubt, and this gets my weekend off to a great start! Each character feels so real and is so thoroughly presented, with all their strengths, challenges, and limitations, that I feel I know each of them personally. These Sims […]


Noble Doubt is one of my favourite blogs – having read one part, I’m waiting for the next impatiently. I love the Noble-Capra family – they are so supportive to each other! That is why they survive all the troubles. (I may sound a bit awkward. Well, I’m a cat. :p)


I love the relatability of the characters, the subtle humor in the writing, and the occasional wicked character stirring up trouble.

Cynthia J.

My favourite thing about Noble Doubt is that the love among the family members is the epicentre of the story. So much bad stuff has happened to each leading member of a generation and yet they never have to deal with it alone which is nice. My favourite character so far is Blue Capra. I […]


Noble Doubt is definitely among the top five of all the simlit I read! Every time I check my inbox I look forward to the possibility of a new chapter. I love how polished everything is and how well it all seems to fit together. The characters are lovable and believable, each with their own […]


Noble Doubt is a story about characters, and that’s what I love about it: the characters. Each narrator is unique, in voice, look and action. They all have different things they want, they all react differently to different situations. They are also incredibly human.


I love Noble Doubt and the creative way you present your stories. My favorite character has to be Leo. I see a vulnerable part of him that touches my heart. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.


Noble Doubt is one of my favourite stories ❤ I love the sweet family relationships and shocking moments and dramas alike. It is well written, the pictures are so nice, and never fails to make me smile! Thank you Rosemary 

Lila Remonn

I will always remember Noble Doubt as a story that, to me, was quite an emotional roller coaster. It tends to be very sweet and lovely at times and full of grief another time. And that’s what I like about it. It is clearly being put all the heart to keep the story on the […]


I believe my favorite character, so far, has been Memphis. She was the start of it all, and watching her growth in personality, and her strength as a wife and parent, has been wonderful to see. She has provided a good backbone for this legacy family!


I love how realistic this story is and how well-rounded the characters are. I feel like I can relate to each and every one of them in some way or another. Aunt Keniesha is definitely my favorite! Congrats on one year <3


I love that Noble Doubt is written in diary format and the characters are very relatable! It is also very well written and has lovely pictures! My favourite characters, so far, are Memphis, and Leo! They’re both very interesting to read about!


First off congrats on your blogiversary!! I would have to say that my favorite character is Keniesha. She is smart, sassy, and will whip you into shape if you step out of line. My favorite thing about her though is how supportive she was with Memphis, and she was there for Leo as he dealt […]


Happy blogiversary! I really enjoy your story, it is very well written, interesting and inspiring. I am only on generation 1 so I haven’t met all the characters and it is hard to pick my favorite, all I have seen so far had been interesting in their own way which goes to show why you […]



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