Gen 4 (Marty Larochette)

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Generation 4:

150488080963997 (1)Martha Blue Larochette, Ph.D. (Marty)

Great-great-grandparents: Marvin and Tia Noble, Thom Capra, Val Lutz and Phyllis (Walker) (Capra) Lutz, Mabel Valentine
 Liev and Memphis (Noble) Capra
: Leo and Leela (Plummer) Capra, Chrissy Valentine, Christophe and Helene Larochette
Parents: Matthieu and Blue (Capra) Larochette
Sibling(s): Charles, Laurent, Elisabeth, Caroline and Susan
Spouse: Xalen Sprague
(Child)ren: Holden, Rosetta
Sims Traits: Ambitious, Brave, Rebellious, Disciplined, Athletic
Lifetime Wish: Physical Perfection (in progress)

As a daredevil child, Marty always knew she would leave the small town life of Winchester Farming Community to seek adventure. She begins by moving to Longview in order to go to Longview University, a world-renowned school, and live with her Aunt Ruby.

At first, though, things don't go Marty's way. After learning she has failed the college entrance exams, she realizes she needs to get a job instead of going to school. Meanwhile, Ruby is able to pep Marty up as well as encourage her to try the exams again.

Marty gets a temporary job as a clerk in a candy shop where she meets Dr. Xalen Sprague. Xalen is mysterious and has had nothing but adventure growing up since his parents were anthropologists. Currently, he is a professor at the very school Marty hopes to go to. After attending one of Xalen's lectures at Longview University, Marty decides archeology is the field for her.

During this time, between the getting the candy store job and taking the exams again, Marty gets closer to Xalen. Eventually, he asks her to be his assistant while she goes to school.

151512013460788930Five years later, we join Marty in Egypt where she is working at a dig site. She now has her own Ph.D in linguistics. She absolutely loves her work during which she meets Beckett Quinn, a surveyor who is filling in for someone who has left the team. At first, she and Beckett don't get along, but after an untimely accident where Beckett is injured saving Marty's life, they become close, beginning a relationship.

There is a mystery involving a skeleton that was discovered at the dig. It is the remains of a female, and it isn't ancient! Xalen comes to Egypt with his group at the Neptune Foundation to try to determine who the skeleton belongs to. Unfortunately, Xalen learns the remains are those of his missing niece.

Meanwhile, Marty is staying at Beckett's house, caring for him after the accident and she hears strange crying at night. After some investigation over several days, she finds the ghost of a woman in the attic. During all of this, Beckett's behavior becomes more and more intolerable toward Marty.

It isn't long before Marty and Beckett have a heated argument and he hits her, also cutting her hair. She escapes after having a little revenge on a drunken and passed out Beckett.
151512013460788930 (4)Marty runs straight to Xalen. After she recovers, she realizes she has loved Xalen this entire time. Eventually, they sleep together. Marty is thrilled to finally be with a man who truly loves her.

Then, she learns that Beckett is not only Xalen's nephew, but he also killed his sister (Xalen's niece)!

Not long after this, Marty discovers she is pregnant but she doesn't know if Xalen is the father, or if Beckett is. Just as she is about to tell Xalen about the pregnancy, he announces that a new adventure with the Neptune Foundation is about to begin and he wants her to join him. Understanding that her life has now changed drastically and that the baby will need stability, she panics and breaks off her relationship with Xalen.

After this, she moves to Alpine County and takes a teaching job at a small, local college. Her grandfather Leo helps her buy a house and tries to convince her that she should tell Xalen why she broke up with him. But she refuses, stating she is doing this for Xalen.

As life continues, Marty begins to feel that someone is watching her. When she goes to the bank, a clerk tells her she must go to the vault because there is something there her grandfather wants her to see. When she reaches the vault, it is Xalen waiting for her.

Xalen and Marty talk for the first time in months and Xalen admits it was he who was following her. They argue a little bit, both hurt by the other when Marty goes into labor. At the same moment that Xalen realizes he needs to get her to the hospital, the bank alarms sound and the vault locks.
They desperately try to get out of the vault, but it is no use and Marty gives birth to twins, Holden Leo and Rosetta Susan. She still doesn't know who the father is, yet Xalen stays by her side.

The DNA results should arrive soon... be continued...

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