Recaps: Gen 4 (Marty Larochette)

*Possible Spoilers Ahead!*

Generation 4:

150488080963997 (1)Martha Blue Larochette, Ph.D. (Marty)

Great-great-grandparents: Marvin and Tia Noble, Thom Capra, Val Lutz and Phyllis (Walker) (Capra) Lutz, Mabel Valentine
 Liev and Memphis (Noble) Capra
: Leo and Leela (Plummer) Capra, Chrissy Valentine, Christophe and Helene Larochette
Parents: Matthieu and Blue (Capra) Larochette
Sibling(s): Charles, Laurent, Elisabeth, Caroline and Susan

Sims Traits: Ambitious, Brave, Rebellious, Disciplined, Athletic

Lifetime Wish: Physical Perfection (in progress)

…to be continued…