Gen. 3 (Blue Capra)

by Kymber

Possible Spoilers Ahead!

Generation 3:

Blue Valentine Capra

Great-grandparents: Marvin and Tia Noble, Thom Capra and Phyllis (Walker) (Capra) Lutz, Val Lutz, Mabel Valentine
 Liev and Memphis (Noble) Capra
: Leo Capra and Chrissy Valentine
Step-Mother: Leela (Plummer) Capra
Sibling(s): Ruby Plummer (step-sister) and Leonardo Capra Jr. (half-brother)
Spouse: Matthieu Larochette
(Child)ren: Charles, Laurent, Martha, Elisabeth, Caroline, Susan Larochette
Grandchildren: Holden, Rosetta Sprague
Great-grandchild(ren): Beatrice Sprague
Sims Traits: Artistic, Family Oriented, Over Emotional, Shy, Vegetarian
Lifetime Wish: Surrounded by Family (achieved)

blue new baseWhen Blue’s story begins, she is still a teen and has run away from home and followed a mysterious note she received to Winchester Farming Community.

Upon arrival, she meets the St. Cyr family. Agathe, the owner of the farm Blue is staying at is no-nonsense and a bit prickly. Her younger brothers Elliott and Dax also live on the farm.

At first, Blue hides in the barn, afraid to make her presence known. But the mysterious Dax St. Cyr has been watching her. When she falls ill and collapses one night, he comes to her rescue, imploring one of the house staff, Alice Millet, to help take care of the misplaced girl.

Once Blue is recovered, she shows her note to Agathe who seems to know who wrote it but is too tight lipped to say. Blue’s mission becomes to find the note-writer, find out why Dax is so secretive and eventually make amends with her family.

The St. Cyrs’ mission is to help Blue realize her potential and to become the person she was meant to be. During this time, Blue has a birthday and transitions into a young adult. This seems to help her mature a bit and to realize that she has been acting very self-centered.
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She decides that she wants to help Dax join life again, out in the light since he hides himself in the dark due to a badly scarred face. In return, Dax shows her the creepy cave where she meets the note writer at last. It is her great-uncle Mango! He is alive but not completely well. His skin is a very strange color and his eyes glow. He goes on to describe to Blue about how he came to Winchester and why. Apparently, (in Generation 1), Mango agreed to some experimentation at the science lab in return for a major boost in his career and loads of money. However, during the experiments, Mango was infected with a strange disease that had adverse effects on him. When the meteor hit the Capra house, Mango and the twins (Leo and Jilly) were the only one home. Somehow, the meteor mutated the infection in Mango to make him the way he is now.

After learning these things, Blue goes home only to find that her father Leo is gravely ill new bluewith a mystery illness and on death’s door. The doctors don’t know what’s wrong with him and there is no cure. While Blue makes amends with her family and spends as much time as she can with her father, Mango (through Dax) tells her that she must bring her dad to Winchester. Blue and Leela have reservations about bringing Leo on such a long trip, but Leo decides he wants to go.

Once in Winchester, Leo loses consciousness and it is obvious to everyone that he only has hours to days left of life. This distresses Leela in particular because she knew traveling would probably have this effect on her husband. As the family gathers around Leo’s listless body, Mango appears and explains everything about his past and why he asked them to be there now.

14981489066462 (5)To everyone’s amazement, Mango puts his hands on Leo and heals him, collapsing afterward. Leo is fully restored but realizes that Mango has suddenly become an old man; the effort of healing Leo has taken all of Mango’s strength. But Mango isn’t finished! With his last bit of energy, he grabs a hold of Dax’s arm and heals the scars from Dax’s face, then dies.
After Mango’s funeral, Leo and Leela decide to stay in Winchester until Leonardo Jr. has to begin his next school term. Ruby is still not speaking to Blue and returns to University. Meanwhile, Blue is finally open to the idea of having a relationship, but to her dismay, now that Dax no longer has the scars, he decides to leave for Paris to become a painter.

framed betterSometime later, Blue and Matthieu fall in love and get married. Ruby shows up on the wedding day and she and Blue are able to make amends, finally acting like sisters and friends again.

Matthieu and Blue fix up an old farm and begin their family. In total, they have six beautiful children: Charles, Laurent, Martha (“Marty”), Elisabeth (“Lissie”), Caroline (“Carrie”), and Susan. Elisabeth and Caroline are twins.
Life seems to go pretty smoothly as Matt and Blue raise their children, although, they do experience the typical and sometimes outlandish situations that raising six children can bring!

featuredAs the children get older and spend time away from the island on little trips with their grandparents (Leo and Leela Capra), Blue begins to realize that some of her offspring might one day leave her to venture out into the world. At first, the thought of her children doing this terrified her and she began to feel guilty that Matt had married her, an outsider. She supposed if he hadn’t married her, the kids wouldn’t even think about leaving them. But Matthieu loved Blue and never wavered in showing her how devoted he was to his family.

Finally, the day came when the children were grown. Charles and Laurent decided to remain in Winchester but all four girls ventured out into the world. Blue was certain that Lissie, Carrie, and Susan would all stay in touch. It was Marty who had her the most worried. Would she be so involved in her exciting adventures that she wouldn’t even think about her family again?

It was at that moment that Blue decided to give her the family diary and make her the heir. Blue hoped that if she kept the diary up, she would think of them often. uses cookies from Akismet to reduce spam. By using this site, you agree to its use of cookies. Accept Learn More