Gen. 2 (Leo Capra)

by Kymber

Possible Spoilers Ahead!

Generation 2:

Leonardo Prescott Capra

Grandparents: Marvin and Tia Noble, Thom Capra and Phyllis (Walker) (Capra) Lutz, Val Lutz
 Liev and Memphis Capra
Sibling(s): Jillian (deceased), Rachel (Drummond), Daylynn
Spouse: Leela (Plummer) Capra
(Child)ren: Blue Capra, Ruby Plummer (step-child) and Leonardo Capra Jr.
Grandchildren: Charles, Laurent, Martha, Elisabeth, Caroline, Susan Larochette, Theo Fournier Capra (adopted), Gloria Banford
Great-grandchildren: Holden, Rosetta Sprague
Great-great-grandchildren: Beatrice Sprague
Sims Traits: Ambitious, Artistic, Kleptomaniac, Star Quality, Virtuoso
Lifetime Wish: Rock Star (achieved)

148703813832664 (2)When Leo takes the torch from his mother Memphis as heir, he has just recovered from a nervous breakdown of sorts due to the car accident that killed his twin sister Jilly. He’d been staying with his Aunt Keniesha during his recovery. While there, she pulled some strings in a record company with some people she knew to help advance Leo’s musical career. Leo and his band mates formed the rock group Accidental Therapy. They toured and soared across the charts, even earning a Grammy Award.

But things weren’t always easy for Leo. He was taking care of his toddler daughter Blue who was the result of a teenage tryst with Chrissy Valentine, a girl he’d met at school. Chrissy had dropped Blue off one day, not even glancing back.

Leo did the best he could with Blue and luckily, his sister Rachel was able to step in as a nanny. This really saved Leo’s life! During this time, Leo met Cricket who he was very attracted to, and Bexley, who he considered a good friend and confidante. Unfortunately, what Leo (and the rest of the Capra family) didn’t know was that both women were Garret Covington’s daughters! Not only that, but the women were at war with one another, dragging Leo into their problems as well.

Eventually, Blue was able to convince Leo that a more “normal” life would suit them both better. The band is in agreement and dissolves. Rachel marries bandmate Josh Drummond and they move in across the street from Blue and Leo in Hidden Springs.
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One day, Chrissy unexpectedly arrives at Leo’s house and they have a long talk where the result is that Leo pays for Chrissy to go to a drug and alcohol rehab facility. While she’s gone, Leo meets and falls in love with Leela Plummer. Leela’s daughter Ruby is Blue’s best friend at school and the girls end up working for Leela at her bakery, For Goodness Cakes. Blue learns how to cook, bake and garden.

Leo proposes to Leela and she says yes but Chrissy has returned again, seemingly for money! Even so, the wedding takes place without any interference. But Leo notices Blue acting distant and becomes concerned.

During their honeymoon, Leela tells Leo that she is pregnant. He finds himself unbelievably happy with the news but their trip is cut short by the paparazzi who will not leave them alone.

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Upon their return, Leo finds Blue to be rather distant and even angry. He cannot imagine why until it is brought to his attention that articles have been published that says he has been having a long-term affair with Chrissy while dating and marrying Leela. This isn’t true and Leo sets Blue straight, but it seems as if there is a rift in their relationship of some sort. Blue finally admits she is worried about the new baby. Leo reassures her that he has room in his heart for everyone in the family. Blue seems to accept this but upon the birth of Leonardo Jr., Blue watches Leo interacting with the infant and becomes jealous.
It becomes clear to her that this little boy won’t have the problems she had growing up as a celebrity’s kid. Leo passes the torch to Blue, not realizing how deeply her anger is rooted. When the family is not paying attention, Blue runs away… uses cookies from Akismet to reduce spam. By using this site, you agree to its use of cookies. Accept Learn More