Gen. 1 (Memphis Noble)

by Kymber

Possible Spoilers Ahead!

Generation 1:

Memphis Kay Noble

Parents: Prescott and Jillian Day
Adoptive Parents: 
Marvin and Tia Noble
Memphis’ Birth Name: Grace Marie Day
Sibling(s): Keniesha (Mango) (Serendipity)
Spouse: Liev Capra
(Child)ren: Leonardo, Jillian (deceased), Rachel, Daylynn
Grandchildren: Blue Capra, Thea & Phyllis Drummond, Ruby Plummer and Leonardo Capra Jr.
Great-grandchildren: Charles, Laurent, Martha, Elisabeth, Caroline, Susan Larochette, Theo Fournier Capra (adopted), Gloria Banford
Great-great-grandchildren: Holden, Rosetta Sprague
Great-great-great-grandchild(ren): Beatrice Sprague
Sims Traits: Book Worm, Clumsy, Family Oriented, Green Thumb, Natural Cook
Lifetime Wish: Professional Author (achieved)

Scrawny, freckled and redheaded Memphis Noble was adopted as a baby by a family that thought they were getting something very different. Despite their expectations, they loved her and raised her as one of their own. However, even the best childhood couldn’t prepare her for the crazy life she was about to embark upon!

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In Generation 1, we first see Memphis as an 18 year old. She is shy and her sister Keniesha tries to get her to branch out and start dating. Memphis ends up being courted by Garret Covington, but he turns out to be a real jerk in every sense of the word. Not only that, his family is the reason she was an orphan in the first place. After finding all of this out, Memphis is courted by Liev Capra who she eventually marries. There is a lot of family drama as Memphis and Keniesha have a falling out and lose touch for a while.
Memphis and Liev have four children (two sets of twins) which drives Memphis right up the wall and quick! Leo is especially concerning as he is a bit of a mischief maker who also has the kleptomania trait. As time goes by, their house is hit by a meteor and Keniesha’s husband, Harold Mango is killed…. or disappears. Strangely, scientists (complete with biomedical suits) come in and take several samples from the site their house once stood on. When asked what’s happening, the scientists are less than forthcoming with any information.
When the older set of twins are in high school, there is a terrible car accident in which Leo was driving. Leo’s twin sister Jilly is killed in that accident and all of their lives change drastically. Leo has an emotional breakdown, Memphis and Liev become somewhat estranged and have to decide if they can make their marriage work.
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