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by Kymber

A few people have asked me if I’ve ever written anything before. In 2013, I wrote a book in the mystery/romance genre. It’s called Secrets in the Blood and it’s under the author name Kymber C. Hawke.

I started writing this as a short story when I was fifteen years old. I toyed with it over the years but I ended up putting it on the back burner. In 2012, I pulled it out, completely reworked it, and decided to look into the possibility of publishing the manuscript. The end result is this book.

After speaking with my editor, she suggested I put a page up on this blog. Please don’t feel obligated to buy my book; I’m putting this page up for those who have asked and if anyone else finds enjoyment in it, that’s terrific.

So, here it is…

secrets in the blood


Secrets have been buried in a steel town for many years. Cassidy loves her life just the way it is. But when mysterious and good looking West arrives, her world is turned upside-down. West carries the secrets of the steel town. Cassidy is attracted to the stranger but a relationship seems impossible as West’s accusations make him appear crazy and bodies start to pile up. No one wants to believe West; can Cassidy let her feelings go and trust him? Who is the killer? How many bodies will pile up before the biggest secret of all is revealed?

What others have said about Secrets in the Blood:

“Riveting…” – S. Breen

“Not a genre I normally read, but glad I did…” – P. Beaudin

“…fun book to read and lead to many late nights for this bed-time reader…” – K. Sheaffer

“…this book has a unique voice…” – A. Buckley

“Intriguing and unique story line keeps you turning the pages!” – M. Chrzan

It’s available here:

Barnes & Noble

You can read more about the book/author on Goodreads

Author’s Note:

This book base recolored for aboutcontains some strong language, violence and sexual situations.

I would like to thank my editor, Cynthia Joan, for always encouraging me and for putting up with really late chapter submissions. You are my Yoda and I cannot thank you enough for all of the work you have put into this project.

I would also like to thank the talented Marie Landry for designing my book cover. When I needed the artwork done, she was the first person I turned to because I’d seen her other work and was amazed by it. You can hire Marie’s designing services at Sunrise Author Services. uses cookies from Akismet to reduce spam. By using this site, you agree to its use of cookies. Accept Learn More