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Noble Doubt is a dramatic Sims story told by the main character through a series of diary entries. Every 30 chapters, the diary is passed on to the heir of the next generation. Chapters are organized with the number of the generation, followed by the chapter number (Example: 1.1 = Generation 1, Chapter 1).
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1.1: Dear Diary, I’m Memphis 1.2: Dear Diary, a Boyfriend? 1.3: Dear Diary, My Bad News
1.4: Dear Diary, Date or Disaster? 1.5: Dear Diary, There Aren’t Enough Tears 1.6: Dear Diary, a Mystery Solved!
1.7: Dear Diary, a New Beginning 1.8: Dear Diary, I Do (Pt. 1) 1.9: Dear Diary, I Do (Pt. 2)
1.10: Dear Diary, a Home Makeover 1.11: Dear Diary, Oh Keniesha! 1.12: Dear Diary, Horses, Chickens and Cows, Oh My!
1.13: Dear Diary, Get the Car, Fool!  1.14: Dear Diary, Overwhelmed or Blessed? 1.15: Dear Diary, Change is Good, Right?
1.16: Dear Diary, Promoted and Demoted 1.17: Dear Diary, Bust Size Isn’t Everything 1.18: Dear Diary, My Legacy
1.19: Dear Diary, Family or Foe? 1.20: Dear Diary, In Cahoots 1.21: Dear Diary, a Homecoming
1.22: Dear Diary, Teens & Trouble Special Feature: Jilly’s Scrapbook 1.23: Dear Diary, Life & Death
1.24: Dear Diary, Reality Bites! 1.25: Dear Diary, Fight at a Funeral 1.26: Dear Diary, the Aftermath
1.27: Dear Diary, Meet Trouble 1.28: Dear Diary, Plan “B” 1.29: Dear Diary, Oh, Grandma!
1.30: Dear Diary, Passing of the Torch (Pt. 1) Special Feature: Leo’s New Journal 1.30: Dear Diary, Passing of the Torch (Pt. 2)
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*Original Publication Dates: January 16, 2016 to June 25, 2016.

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