Gen 5 (Holden)

by Kymber

Possible Spoilers Ahead!

Generation 5:

Holden Leo Sprague

Great-great-great-grandparents: Marvin and Tia Noble, Thom Capra, Val Lutz and Phyllis (Walker) (Capra) Lutz, Mabel Valentine
 Liev and Memphis (Noble) Capra
: Leo and Leela (Plummer) Capra, Chrissy Valentine, Christophe and Helene Larochette
Grandparents: Matthieu and Blue (Capra) Larochette
Parents: Xalen and Marty Sprague
 Rosetta Sprague
Spouse: Ellie Duberry
(Child)ren: Beatrice Sprague
Sims Traits: loser, neat, virtuoso, natural cook, genius
Lifetime Wish:  One Sim Band (Achieved)

When Holden’s story begins, he lives with his twin sister Rosetta and his best friend Chris in a brownstone. He has just graduated from dance academy and has high hopes to join the cors de ballet of the Royal Ballet. His dance partner, Julie, shares these same hopes and so, they audition for the Royal Ballet together.

Meanwhile, Holden, who is pansexual, is dating longtime friend Fletcher. However, due to Holden’s feely-touchy manner, Fletcher doesn’t trust him with Julie or anyone else for that matter.

Holden and Julie both make it into the ballet company but the higher-ups seem more interested in Holden which makes Julie uncomfortable. It is around this time Holden realizes Julie is being abused by her husband, Brent. Incensed after Julie turns up injured, Holden gets in a fight with Brent, knocking him out. Holden hurries Julie to the brownstone, making Fletcher so angry, he breaks up with Holden.

Holden is heart-broken and throws himself even more into dancing. Julie decides to go back to her husband and someone calls Child Protective Services. She is given an ultimatum, she must choose her child or her husband. Out of confusion and despair, Julie decides to stay with Brent and their daughter Paisley is taken away from her. She immediately believes Holden is the one who called CPS and she breaks off their friendship.

During a dance rehearsal, Holden is knocked off the stage and breaks both wrists. Ella Dean, one of the female principal dancers, takes him to the emergency department at the hospital and then brings him home. Both his wrists are in casts and painful so he takes the prescription he had filled at the ED. While he is sleeping, Ella takes advantage of him, violating him.

Holden is devastated by what’s happened and he doesn’t feel like a “real man.” He begins seeing a counselor who educates him about male rape and Holden begins to heal from the ordeal. He speaks with his boss, Myung, and Ella is fired from the company.

He starts seeing a mystery woman who proposes a no-strings-attached situation in which Holden would father her child. This makes Holden uncomfortable and he is about to tell her no when he accidentally runs into Fletcher in town. Fletcher is seeing someone else and out of hurt, Holden tells Fletcher he is, too, and they’re going to have a baby.

As all of this is happening, Holden finds himself promoted to principal dancer and he busies himself learning the new choreography and performing the lead in many productions for the ballet company.

One night, he sees Julie and they finally talk. He encourages her to work to get her daughter, Paisley, back. After some deep thought, she decides once and for all to leave Brent. She drops out of ballet so she can get a nine to five job, an apartment and her daughter back. Later, it comes to light that Chris, who is a police officer, called CPS. At first, Holden is angry because he was blamed, but then he realized Chris did the right thing.

Holden tells the mystery woman, who turns out to be Myung Li, the dance mistress for the Royal Ballet, that he will father her child. At the last minute, he realizes he can’t go through with it and he leaves town, turning up in Winchester Farming Community to stay with his grandparents, Blue and Matthieu Larochette. He finds himself immersed in farm work and learns a lot about life and what a good marriage looks like.

On the island, he meets Ellie Duberry and over the next three months, he becomes enchanted by her. She is innocent, sweet, and uncomplicated. Plus, his grandma Blue has decided Ellie is the girl for him, and she is never wrong!

But the summer relationship ends as Holden must return home and work. Over the next year, he and Ellie write but he finds he misses her more and more. How can his grandma be right about Ellie? he wonders. After a time, he can’t stand the thought of being without her yet he doesn’t think a relationship with her could work because he could never ask her to move to the city and he knows he would never survive farm life in Winchester.

During this time, Julie moves into the brownstone, is in engaged to Chris and they have gotten Paisley back. Soon after they are married, they have a son named Oliver (namesake to Chris’ mother, Olivia).

As Holden is leaving the gym early one morning, he runs into Ellie who is leaving a writing class she’s taking. That’s when Holden finds out not only that she lives in the city now but that she has a boyfriend. Holden wants to hate her boyfriend but he can’t because he’s too likable. Holden enlists a dancer he works with named Zelda to make Ellie jealous and it must work because Ellie reveals she loves him.

Holden and Ellie have a small wedding ceremony at the brownstone with family and a few friends and decide to put off their honeymoon so Holden can finish the dance season. They intend to have a Christmas cabin for a week when they are able to finally go.

The couple are sleeping when they hear a noise coming from downstairs…

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