Category: Generation 3

Chapter 3.30: Dear Diary, to Pass the Torch

Blue writes her last diary entry and chooses an heir.

The Poll Ends Tonight!

The Generation 4 heir poll ends tonight! Who will win?

Generation 4 Heir Poll! – 8/26-9/6

Noble Doubt's first heir poll! You get to choose who the heir for Generation 4 will be!

Chapter 3.29: Dear Diary, as Long as I Have You

Blue and Matthieu decide where they are going to live, Blue reveals her past to Carrie, and Lissie has a concern.

Chapter 3.28: Dear Diary, Leo’s Vineyard

Dear Diary, we finally made it to Monte Vista! I say "finally" because turning over a farm to your brother and then getting seven other people out the door is quite the adventure! Leo Jr. took the ferry with us to the mainland because we thought we'd need his help carrying everything. It was then ...

Chapter 3.27: Dear Diary, the Compromise

Blue and Matt agree on a compromise, Alice moves in and Susan has a birthday!