Category: Generation 2

Chapter 2.30: Dear J, Take the Torch & Run

Leo officially makes Blue his heir but Blue has jealous thoughts about her new baby brother.

Chapter 2.29: Dear J, the Procedure

Leo goes to the hospital to have a procedure done, but what happens instead is astoundingly good!

Chapter 2.28: Dear J, Limelight

Blue finds herself in the limelight when fansites start appearing on the internet, and Leo learns about prom night.

Chapter 2.27: Dear J, The Award

The family works on the nursery, Leo downplays his birthday and someone gets an award, but will they accept it?

Chapter 2.26: Dear J, Ground Rules

Leo and Leela tell the girls they're expecting. Then later, they have a talk with Chrissy to lay down some ground rules.

Chapter 2.25: Dear J, How to Escape Your Vacation

Leo and Leela have a less than perfect honeymoon, but it's one they'll remember.