Category: Generation 1

Chapter 1.30: Dear Diary: Passing of the Torch (Pt. 2)

Memphis passes the torch and we see the end of Generation 1!

Special Feature: Leo’s New Journal

Leo tells in his own words about his time at the Mangos'!

Chapter 1.30: Dear Diary, Passing of the Torch (Pt. 1)

Memphis and Liev get a surprise that might bring Leo home.

Chapter 1.29: Dear Diary, Oh, Grandma!

Memphis and Liev are in for an unpleasant surprise and they meet Chrissy's Grandma!

Chapter 1.28: Dear Diary, Plan “B”

The girls have an outing with their parents and Plan "B" is formulated.

Chapter 1.27: Dear Diary, Meet Trouble

As the family continues to recover, Leo meets a new friend.