About Noble Doubt

by Kymber

Noble Doubt is a dramatic SimLit story told by the main character through a series of diary/journal entries.

Generation 1: Memphis Noble
Memphis is a scrawny, redhead who was adopted by a kind family that loves her. At her older sister's suggestion, she begins to write a diary and begins to document her extraordinary life.

Generation 2: Leonardo Capra
Leo is Memphis' son and the next person in the family line to keep a diary. He has big dreams of being a rock star but having a child really young might derail his plans.

Generation 3: Blue Capra
Blue is Leo's troubled daughter. By the time she is a teen, she has had enough of the paparazzi to last a lifetime and desires a simple, plain life. But is her simple life a little too simple?

Generation 4: Marty Larochette

Marty's middle name is "Adventure!" Right away, she leaves the comforts of home to begin archaeological expeditions in Egypt! What will she find besides trouble?

Generation 5: Holden Sprague
Holden has boyfriend woes, dance partner troubles, and big time twin sister issues! This is our current generation!

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