Generation 4!

Hello, friends! Generation 4 is right on track to begin on Saturday, September 23 at 10 a.m. (EST)! Woot!

imageedit_3_6755888514Are you excited? I am. There is a lot in store including a special surprise in the upcoming cast!

Speaking of the cast of characters, have you taken a look at the Extras page? Once there, you will find links to generational summaries, cast descriptions divided by what generation they were introduced, and some other goodies!

I guess that about sums it up for now. I hope to see you Saturday! ❀

As always, thank you for your support and encouragement,
signature new r.c.


  1. Hi there, Kym!
    I have to admit I am very excited for your generation 4- and for my generation 4 as well! Yesterday I set up a page for Sam’s chapters and added a little paragraph. I’m still only 1 chapter and a Prologue in, but I hope to get further when I can.
    And I know Marty will be an amazing heir!

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