Generation 4 Heir Poll! – 8/26-9/6

The heir poll continues! I can hardly contain my excitement as we go through this process. I think Generation 4 is going to be a lot of fun.

As you know, I’ve narrowed the nominations down to the girls for many reasons even though I really do like Charles and Laurent. I did not feel ready to write a male perspective again. There will be male heirs in the future, I’m just not confident about it at the moment. My hope is that at least one of the girls will pique your interest enough to vote.

Whoever wins the poll and becomes heir will leave Winchester to go live… oh, wait, I can’t spill all the details. But I guess it’s all right to tell you that the next generation will take place in the real world.

Without further adieu, here are the nominees:

Happy voting and thank you in advance for your input!


Martha Larochette (“Marty”)

Traits: Ambitious, Brave, Rebellious

What we know about her: Marty is a tomboy although she has newly discovered a love for clothes. She will want to go to university and pursue something adventurous such as archaeology or anthropology.


Elisabeth Larochette (“Lissie”)

Traits: Athletic, Eco Friendly, Virtuoso

What we know about her: Lissie has been rather quiet, a wallflower, if you will. She has talents for music and athletics but has kept this to herself. She feels as if she must keep an eye on her twin Carrie but she wants to break away and assume her own, unique identity.


Caroline Larochette (“Carrie”)

Traits: Absent Minded, Hopeless Romantic, Diva

What we know about her: Carrie (who now wants to go by “Caroline”) is boy crazy. She will fall for most advances, if not all, and will perhaps end up in a rather unsavory relationship if she is not careful.


Susan Larochette

Traits: Bookworm, Shy, Artistic

What we know about her: Susan is a thinker. She considers consequences before actions and likes to weigh her options. She would like to lead a life that is stable and will want to attend university to make this happen. She also struggles with her body image.

And, here is the poll! Vote for your favorite as many times as you wish!


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