Chapter 3.21: Dear Diary, a Visit and a Wedding


Dear Diary, do you remember these two? It’s been a long while since you’ve seen them and apparently, they’re an item now. It’s amazing what can happen when you’re not looking.

The girl is Wilda Delattre. Do you recall when I first arrived in Winchester and there was all that fuss about Old Treves Delattre having some sort of accident? Everyone in Winchester pitched in at his farm to help his family out. Then later, I met Old Treves’ wife Sylvie and held her youngest Wilda. Well, this is Wilda Delattre all grown up.

Of course, you probably have guessed by now that the guy in the photo is my brother Leo Jr. He looks so much like Dad, doesn’t he? I realize now that I neglected to mention that he recently took up residence on the island and lives very close to me. He’s working hard to get a small farm up and running in order to fulfill his dream of raising horses.

He and Wilda have known each other since they were children. Every time he came to the island, the two of them would go on endless adventures all over the place. It was so wonderful to see their friendship blossom into love… well, I missed most of that part because I’m currently living in crazy town with these children with another still on the way. You could say I’ve been kind of busy.


To my delight, Dad, Mom and Ruby decided to visit. Ruby graduated from University a month or two ago and is ready to embark on a teaching career. After several interviews, she decided to settle in a place called Grey Meadow. From what she’s told me, it’s a beautiful city with lots of suburbs and interesting architecture. I’m really excited for her and I’m sure she’s going to be a great teacher!

The first thing my dad did when he saw me was to give me a tight hug.

“How are you feeling?”

“Like I’ve gained about a thousand pounds and can barely move.”

“Well, you look great, honey.”


All of the children were greeted by my parents and sister, each one responding to the typical questions grandparents ask. After Dad began to turn away from them, Marty rushed back into his arms, exclaiming, “Papa!”

Dad could never resist throwing small children up in the air which always gave me a fright. But Marty giggled hysterically, yelliing, “Again! Again!”

“You and your rainboots are gonna wear me out, Marty!”

She just continued laughing and demanding more.


It wasn’t long before Dad had Charles and Laurent fishing with him. The boys were as different as night and day, but they both loved to fish. It was even more fun now that they had the opportunity to do this with Grandpa, or Papa, as they called him.


Marty gave me fits going down for her nap, but today, I wasn’t taking no for an answer because I was exhausted bone-tired. Finally, Marty stopped fighting it so I came back downstairs, easing myself into the nearest empty chair and frowning at my swollen ankles.

“Wilda took Lissie upstairs since she was asleep and Carrie is almost out,” Leo Jr. informed me.

“Thank you so much for your help. You guys have done so much,” I said. And they really had. Having two sets of extra adult hands had been more of a help than I’d ever realized it could be.

“We love the kids and enjoy helping with them. But there’s something I need to tell you guys.”


We were obviously all ears as we waited with baited breath.

“I asked Wilda to marry me and she said yes!”

Leela let the news sink in for a moment, then brushed a few tears away from her eyes. “That’s wonderful, son. We really like Wilda a lot.”

“When’s the big day?” Ruby asked at the same time that I said, “Does dad know?”

Ruby and I looked at each other and giggled.

“Yes, I told Dad on the phone right after I asked Old Treves’ for permission. I didn’t know that was even a thing, to tell you the truth, but I was talking to Matthieu and he said not to ask Wilda until I’d talked to her old man first.”

Hiding a smirk behind my hand, I said, “Knowing my husband as I do, I think you’ve just given us the Leo Jr. paraphrase of that conversation.”

Ruby laughed again, not bothering to hide behind a hand. “Oh yeah, there’s no way Matthieu called her father her old man. So when’s the wedding?”

“That’s the thing. Both Wilda and I agreed that we wanted to make sure you all could be here, so we just want something quiet, right here. Nothing big.”


“And nothing today!” I said with a groan. My labor had started and as this was my sixth child, I figured I might not have much time until my little one was welcomed into the world. “Get Matt – he’s working in the east field – and Alice! I need Alice!”

All at once, everyone scrambled to do as they were bid and Leela helped me upstairs to my room…


…The last few days have been wonderful. Matthieu and I welcomed our fourth daughter as enthusiastically as we had the first five children. This is Susan and she is perfect. Matt wanted to follow the French thing we had going on and name her Susanne, but I stood my ground until he relented. Luckily, he was smiling when he lost that one.

I like the name Susan much better but most of all, I’m thankful this wasn’t another set of twins because I think I might have lost my mind!

My family stayed longer than I had anticipated but it was a joyous time as they were a great deal of help to us. I’ve been so happy, I could cry. You can’t imagine what it means to me, having my whole family around.

To add to the usual pandemonium, we celebrated some birthdays!

On the left, there, is Lissie who wants more than anything to be a princess. Not because she’s keen to wear frills (although she is never without the crown Alice sewed for her), but because she thinks it gives her the right to be bossy. She finds it enormously funny when her brothers and sisters comply with her silly demands.

Carrie is on the right and she doesn’t prefer crowns, she just likes a good hat. At the moment, she’s quite attached to that bonnet. Instead of a security blanket or a bear, she sleeps with that thing. It’s getting so worn out already, I have a feeling I’m going to be making a new one soon. She’s a funny, but darling little thing.

Marty also had a birthday and if I thought she was an opinionated and tomboyish toddler, I had another thing coming! To Matt’s slight dismay, she insists on wearing her brothers’ old clothes, her hair is always a mess no matter how many times we brush it and put it back up, and she can scrap with the best of them.

Now, her gardening boots are yellow and loved even more. Although at times she seems difficult to manage, she’s not a naughty child at all. Sometimes, it’s hard to discipline her because, while I want any unbecoming behaviors to end, I don’t want to crush her spirit in the process. And this girl has a lot of spirit.

We also had the small, private wedding in our living room that Wilda and Leo Jr. wanted. It wasn’t the big affair I had, but it was beautiful in its own way.


I still laugh at this picture! You should have seen Marty’s expression when the bride and groom kissed. If I remember correctly, she even made a “yuck” sound like she was about to vomit.

“She’ll be the first one married,” Matt jokingly whispered in my ear.


The next day, it was time for Ruby to leave for Grey Meadow. Walking with her outside, it was hard to keep the tears in check.

“I’m going to miss you so much.”

“I’m going to miss you, too,” she said with a smile. “I’m pretty nervous, but I’m excited, too.”


“And I’m excited for you,” I said. Before I could stop them, tears spilled out of my eyes, rolling down my cheeks and dripping off my chin.


Suddenly, she pulled me into a strong embrace. It wasn’t until then I realized she was crying, too, because I could feel her shoulders shaking.

We stood like that for a long time, then slowly, we let go and said our real goodbyes.


As I watched her walk through the gate to begin her new adventure, I picked Bootsie up, hugging him close to me, stroking his smooth fur. Seeing Ruby leave reminded me the rest of my family would be leaving soon, too.


I must have been daydreaming because I didn’t realize I was being stared at by the deep soulful eyes that could only belong to Dax St. Cyr. Slowly, my jaw dropped slightly.

“Hi, Blue,” he said, changing his weight from one foot to the other. He put his hands in his pockets, then took them out again, as the awkward pause continued. “Did you know I was back?”

Gradually, I regained my wits and said, “Y-yes. I’d heard you were back. I’m sorry I haven’t visited the St. Cyr farm in a while – I’ve been busy.”

“So I hear,” he said with that soft voice that always drew me in.

Shaking myself loose from what seemed like a spell, I said, “Do you want to come in and say hi? My parents are here.”

He hesitated and I wondered what was going on in his mind. “No, but thank you. Agathe told me about you and Matthieu and I wanted to see what you did to this place. But I’ve got to get going.”

I wanted to ask him what could ever cause a hurry in Winchester, but refrained because I didn’t want it to sound snarky, since I wasn’t feeling particularly snide. Instead, I said, “Well, I don’t want to hold you up, but since you’re here, could you tell me how Audrey-Ann and the girls are?”

“Uh, yeah, they’re fine. Lacie and Louise are doing well. They’re not out much because Agathe is teaching them the routine since one of them will take over someday.”

Nodding, I understood completely what he was saying. The oldest living St. Cyr woman was always the leader of the community, in charge of a small council. Lacie was the next in line after Agathe, but if that didn’t work out for some reason, Elliott and Audrey-Ann’s second daughter Louise would be the one to take over. While I still saw Alice quite frequently, the rest of the family wasn’t seen as much due to the govering of the island and the training up of the next generation.

“And Agathe? And her husband?”

“All well,” Dax confirmed. “I’ll, uh, see you later.”

As Dax walked down the road, away from the house, Matt quietly came outside.

“I wondered if he would want to see you.”

Shrugging a little, I put Bootsie down, giving him a little pat on the head. “He said he wanted to see what we did with this old place.”

Kissing my hand, Matthieu smiled as he looked into my eyes. “We made a life is what we did.”

“Yes,” I answered with a smile to match his.


The children adored swimming so Alice and I took all of them except Susan on an outing to the beach for a picnic.

As soon as we got there, Marty lightly pushed Charles in the shoulder and yelled, “I’m getting in the water before you do! And I can swim further than you can!”

“We’ll see about that!”

The two ran down to the water, wading in and then swimming and splashing each other. Charles dunked Marty which gave me some concern, but when she surfaced she was laughing and tried to dunk him back. She was smaller and not as strong as he, though, so instead, she resorted to splashing him in the face.

Down a little ways, Laurent, my calm son, slowly waded into the water. It appeared he was bending down in the water to pick rocks up from the lake bed. He studied each one closely before letting it go to sink down again to the bottom.

“That one’s got an eye for things,” Alice said as we watched them play. “He could be a healer, I just know it.”

“Well, if anyone would recognize that, I imagine it would be you,” I agreed.


Lissie and Carrie began to play in the sand as Alice and I tried to determine the best spot for laying out our picnic.


Alice pointed down toward the woods and said, “Look who’s coming.”

I withheld a groan when I saw Dax. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to see him, it was that earlier had been so awkward and uncomfortable.

“Hi, Dax.”

He nodded in greeting. “Could we talk?”

“I have the children here.”


“Go ahead, I can look after them.”

I gave Alice the, ‘you‘re not helping’ look then forced a smile to remain polite. “Okay, let’s walk that way.”


We walked down a path a little ways until we reached the end. It wasn’t that far from the beach area, so if Alice needed me, I could get there in a hurry. Looking around closer, I realized this was the spot where I’d first seen Elliott and Audrey-Ann kissing.

“How’s it going?”

He began shifting his weight again from one side to the other. “It’s going fine, I guess. Right before we came here, I had a good showing at an important museum.”

That made me smile. “I always knew your art would take you far.”

“I’m not exactly what you’d call renowned.”

“I think you will be someday. I really admire the fact that you struck out and followed your dream.”

“You do? You were pretty upset when I told you I was leaving.”

All of a sudden, the emotions of that day struck me anew; not in the same intensity, but enough that it hung in the back of my mind, making me feel uncomfortable again. “That was ages ago.”

“Yeah, I guess. Sometimes, it feels like yesterday,” he said quietly. “I don’t think I ever thanked you for being my friend and bringing me out of the dark place I was in.”

Shaking my head, I dismissed the apology. “That’s not neccessary. It’s the sort of thing friends do for each other.”

There was another heavy silence where neither of us knew what to say.

“Um… so, Cosette – my girlfriend – has me listening to Accidental Therapy.”

This had me rolling. “Seriously?”

He laughed, too, and said, “Yeah. She really likes classic rock. I was shocked when I saw her CD covers and your dad on them. Why didn’t you ever tell me?”

“I guess I figured you wouldn’t know what I was talking about or the gravity of what it meant for me to be raised by a rock star.”

“That had to be weird.”

“An understatement, if I’ve ever heard one.”


“Blue… do you ever think what might’ve happened if I’d stayed?”


“You know. Like what would have happened if I hadn’t gone to Paris? Would you be married to me right now? Would those kids be mine?”


Before I could reign it in, my temper overtook me. “You know, I’ve never once even thought of that! I’ve been kind of busy! Furthermore, I can’t even imagine being married to anyone but Matthieu! He is my children’s’ father and he’s a good one, too!”

“Why are you so mad?”

“Because you’re bringing this up years later as if you’ve made some kind of mistake or something! Well, guess what? I didn’t make a mistake! I’m not just married to Matt, I love him! And – and I don’t think it’s a good idea for us to be alone together!”


“Why is that? Because your husband doesn’t trust you? Or don’t you trust yourself?”

“No! Because you’ve crossed a line and I’m putting it back where it belongs!”

Suddenly, he was angrier than I’d ever seen him; even more mad than when he’d seen Elliott and me hugging that day years ago. I’d realized then he had a temper and it had made me uneasy. Today was even worse as he yelled and put his finger centimeters from my nose.

“You really think too highly of yourself, Blue! Nevermind, I’m outta here!”


As I watched him running off, my chest heaving with fury, I wondered what’d happened to Dax to make him act this way. Was he having problems with Cosette? Was it something deeper?

As I slowly walked back to Alice, I began to wonder what my place in all of this was. I’d once cared for him in such a way, I believe I would have married him. Still, it was years later and this was Dax’s problem. I had more than enough to manage with a husband, six children and a farm.



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  1. bmitjessesue

    Leo Jr looks so much like his dad! His is going to be gorgeous when he grows up!

    The nerve of DAX! The decent thing to do would have been to stay away and not look back, or to visit Blue and Matthieu together as adults would and wish them a happy life. Just shows he is not happy with his girlfriend but hear this dear boy (doesn’t deserve the man in that sentence) STAY AWAY FROM BLUE AND DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!!! Do I see a confrontation between Matt and Dax coming up?

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    1. RosemaryMarie

      Thank you, Bee! 🙂 Oh my goodness, you are not kidding. When Leo Jr. aged up, I was taken aback by the resemblance to Leo.

      And Dax…. I wasn’t necessarily going to go in this direction with it, but in game, he and Blue got into a huge argument and when he stuck his finger in her face like that, I had to grab the pic and use it. Sometimes, the game takes you in a different direction then what you’d planned.

      Hmmm…. a confrontation between Matt and Dax…. interesting. 😀

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        1. RosemaryMarie

          Haha! I knew you’d understand, Mama Dragon. lol I really wasn’t planning on having them argue.

          I’m glad about Blue having a strong spine, too. I just can’t see her bending for someone who has their finger in her face.

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  2. loladiamond01

    Oh, wow. Let’s put this comment into a place about all that’s happened.
    Firstly, I’m shocked as to how much ‘Little Leo’ resembles his dad, the name suits him perfectly. Great that he lives next to Blue, who would have thought that her escape place would later be a home for both Leo’s children? And his wife is beautiful!
    Blue has grown so big, it feels a bit weird for me to look at her without the slim silhouette she’d had all these years! But this isn’t surprising considering she’s already been pregnant…5 times, I think? Her children are all so cute, but somehow Marty still remains my favorite. Troublemakers have a special place in my heart.
    And finally what I wanted to comment on all this time..DAX!
    And they have finally met. And he is still very, very awkward. I somehow understood him when he talked about what it’d be like had he stayed, but I understand Blue, too. I mean, who says that after you have left someone? They have built their new life from scratch and you just go and be all about…Well, maybe all those children could be mine, don’t you think? I was your great love and what now? He really, really isn’t the best with words, is he? Well,I wonder if there is more to it than meets the eye of the reader (aka me in this case).

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    1. RosemaryMarie

      Thank you, Jowita. I was really taken aback when Leo Jr. aged up. You’re so right about his name! lol

      Isn’t it strange how things work out? Leo Jr. always loved horses so much, it seemed natural for him to move to Winchester. Plus, I really miss Blue having her family around.

      Blue has gained a lot of weight, it’s true. It seems realistic to me, though, since, as you mentioned, she’s been pregnant five times and given birth to six children. I’m going to let the game decide if she loses the weight or not.

      DAX! I know, right? :O

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      1. loladiamond01

        Sim genetics are funny. You know, Gilbert is the exact same-looking as Gemma, gender being the only difference. I swear they could have been twins. Same face, same coloring and so on. This cracks me up each time.

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  3. sensationaltragedy

    I lowkey still want Dax and Blue to get together, but I feel like her Matt just aren’t right for each other. I know they’re married but they feel forced to me even though I can clearly see they’re in love. Maybe it’s just me wanting drama… I don;t know but I do know I loved this chapter!

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  4. babay_j

    Oh Dax, Dax, Dax, for heaven’s sake, grow up! I think part of the problem is that he hasn’t really been on his own. He has always had someone else to take care of him, and he looks at that in the wrong light. I don’t really see a successful romance with Cosette, either. I do think Matthieu might “have words” with Dax if he realizes that Blue is so upset with him…that would be interesting! I am so happy about Leo Jr. and Wilda, so now Blue has a piece of her own family nearby, too. More playmate cousins for Blue’s brood!! I just realized, Cosette has not made an appearance…hmmm. Dax was so worried about her reactions, but I bet you will cover that on the side-story, right? Darn, have to wait a whole week again…so glad I am a patient person (hahaha!!! 😜).

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    1. RosemaryMarie

      You know, you might be right about Dax and his not ever having lived on his own before. I do think he’s going to have to gain some insight into his behavior if he wants things to work out with Cosette. And Matt having words with Dax? Well, that just might happen! 😀

      I’m really happy about Leo Jr. and Wilda, too. It’s so nice having him near Blue. And playmate cousins! That would be great!

      Cosette was going to be in the chapter, but the it was getting lengthy, so I decided to cut it there and have a Dax in Paris chapter to fill it in. Let’s just hope I can get it done in time for Wednesday 🙂

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  5. joliesattic

    Wow! I was wondering when Dax would show up. His being secluded for all those years had stunted his maturity. He somehow never managed to figure out proper decorum. I did wonder if there wasn’t some remorse on Blue’s part though because it hit he so hard. As Shakespeare woud say, “Methinks she doth protest too much!”
    Understandable. I can imagine how hard it would be having so many children. My intent was to only have two, but when I remarried a much younger, never been married guy, I agreed to have more. It was very difficult parenting the last two as I was much older and I was tired a lot. Blue has mentioned that several times in the last few posts. I think she needs some sort of birth control. Matthieu doesn’t seem to mind but he has really taken to heart the “barefoot and pregnant” thing. For me, it’s almost like a prison sentence. I love my children and my kids say I was a good parent but it was emotionally taxing for me. Being a good, guiding parent is hard work. I am glad they are all grown now. It’s more fun being a grand parent where I can come and go. LOL

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    1. RosemaryMarie

      I totally agree with you that Dax being alone for all of those years stunted his maturity. His behavior definitely surpasses social awkwardness. I think Blue was shocked but perhaps you’re right with your phrase from Hamlet. 😀

      I totally see what you’re saying about having so many children. I wonder if Blue had any inkling about the emotional toll it would take on her to have so many. And, I can definitely see why being a grandparent is more fun! haha

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    1. RosemaryMarie

      I’m so glad about Leo Jr. and Wilda, too. I had intended chapters ago on having Blue comment what good friends they were so this wouldn’t just be something that springs up, but I could never seem to fit it in. lol

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  6. raymondsanti

    At last, Dax returns. It went about as well as I expected it would… Returning back home and visiting someone who once loved you, and who you loved, is hard enough. But asking questions about how he and Blue would’ve turned out?! If they had gotten married and had kids? I think he crossed the line quite a bit. I hope for Dax’s sake things work out between him and Cosette.

    And I loved seeing the family again! Funny how little Leo should move next to Blue 🙂 All of Blue’s kids are adorable and I can’t wait to see what they’re like when they get older!

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    1. RosemaryMarie

      Dax did cross a huge line, didn’t he? It’s okay to daydream, but that was going way too far.

      I loved having the family together again. There’s just something I adore about them being together.

      I can’t wait to see how the kids turn out, too, and which one gets chosen as heir!

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  7. Violincat

    I think Blue is much better off for not marrying Dax. Like she said, he’s got a temper and no one should have to put up with those outbursts. Matthieu is seriously a better person.

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    1. RosemaryMarie

      You’re right about Blue and Dax. I think their marriage would have been explosive at times. Perhaps Dax’s love for Cosette will make him realize just how much he needs to change before he can truly commit to a relationship.

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  8. lilsapphire

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    Now as for Dax. You know I was on the Dax team there for a long time, but acting as he did and in a sense telling Blue she just wasn’t good enough at the time when he left he has no right now to come back and try and cause problems. I think he let his looks (scars being healed) go to his head. I am surprised his head hasn’t exploded from the size of the ego it carries. He better not try causing issues with Blue and Matt. I know Blue won’t go for it, but you never know how a guy will react when he is rejected. I see Matt getting all up in Dax’s business that is for sure.

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    1. RosemaryMarie

      Time has flown indeed. You are so right about how much he looks like Leo. I was a little shocked when I saw him. lol

      Yes, I remember you being on team Dax and how we talked on FB about that. lol You just might be right that he let his looks go to his head. There will definitely be more behind his story.

      You just might also be right about Matt and Dax. We’ll see. 😀

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    1. RosemaryMarie

      I’m so glad you like Marty. We’ll see if you change your mind as you get to know the others. 😀

      Dax surprised me, too, tbh. He did this in game and I wasn’t originally going to go in that direction. That’s sims for you. lol

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  10. Lila Remonn

    Ahhh… Dax. He sure has a temper and seems like he still hasn’t matured fully (like asking those questions wasn’t the smartest thing to do, sigh). I’m glad that he didn’t end up with Blue but maybe she also could have been good for him, because I feel like his ego has been inflated too much. I hope everything turns out alright for him though, I don’t know what to think of Cosette- she appears nice but I’m not feeling the ‘true love’ between them. I think he needs someone who will help him mature and tone down his ego but not look after/coddle him.
    The children are as cute as ever and I’m happy the birth of Susan went through without problems. I think my favourite kid is Marty, she’s so cute albeit a little wild! Also, Leo Jr. and Wilda look like a lovely couple ❤
    Great chapter!

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    1. RosemaryMarie

      Dax has no social graces. lol Blue probably could have been good for him in the long run; but would he have been good for her? We’ll never know, unfortunately.

      You are probably right about Cosette. He kind of latched on to the first person he met and she does coddle him in a way.

      Marty is hilarious in game. She reminds me so much of Leo. The twins, though, they are really silly. I can’t wait to see these littlest ones a bit older.

      I really love Leo Jr. and Wilda together. As soon as they met when they were children, they really became quick friends.

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    What a big, beautiful family! Blue and Mattieu look very happy. She made the right choice marrying him. Dax, wow, what a temper that guy has! I think Blue dodged a bullet by not marrying him. He seems a bit of a loose cannon!

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      1. mckatsims

        Loose cannons make for excellent conflict, but when they are unpredictable, there’s no telling the kind of hot mess they’ll make. :\ Hopefully this will not be the case for Blue and Matthieu, that Dax won’t create some kind of drama “just because”.

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  12. iamciane

    I shall forever be out of step with the rest of the drama lovers. I didn’t see Dax’s pondering of what ifs as so out of line. I think it’s normal to wonder what if. I really saw it as simply a curiosity. He’s back home after many years abroad – years that were spent in a totally different environment. Now, he’s returned home and feeling the culture shock and wondering what would life have been like had he stayed. Would the gal who saw behind his scars have shared his life with him? Wondering “what if” is not the same as propositioning her. It might be a fragile ego seeking some reassurances. We know that she wanted to go with him. He knows that. He chose art over a relationship and now possibly wonders if this life she has might have been one they would have shared had he stayed. A better response from Blue might have been that no one ever knows what might have been, but that we must have faith that everything happens for a reason. Dax left his sheltered life on the island and the cave. He saw the big world and lived among the people. He had the chance to follow his dream, yet he is still insecure. His painting has not made him a world-renowned celebrity. He is afraid still I believe to take the ultimate risks needed to succeed in love and art. Maybe in the back of his mind Blue was waiting for him, and now his fall-back security is no more. He is having problems still moving forward. “Dax,” Blue might have said, “you are a wonderful man with talent to share with the world. Staying here and raising a family would have deprived the world of your art. I am glad you followed your dream and I hope you are too. I followed my own dream and I am so very happy that I did.”

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    1. RosemaryMarie

      I love this comment because this is very similar to the original plan I had. In a way, I regret Dax losing his temper in game. I was dismayed. But I thought I should use it since it happened. You are absolutely right that Blue could have diffused the entire situation had she responded more like the way you’ve suggested. Perhaps it isn’t too late, though.


  13. audreyfld

    I always wanted her with Dax and kind of wondered the same thing Dax did. But wondering and asking are two different things so yes – he crossed the line big time. When he came back and saw her married to Matt with 6 kids. He should have said he was happy for her and moved on. Did he expect her to wait on him?

    I can see Blue going home upset and Matt digging it out of her then Matt goes and gives Dax a piece of his mind or beats him up even.

    Marty is beautiful! I love her. Can’t wait to watch the kids grow up.

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    1. RosemaryMarie

      That’s kind of what I imagined going through Blue’s mind. This guy dumped her then after several years have passed, she’s now wondering if he thought she would wait for him. It would help immensely if Dax had some social graces.

      Matt will be able to see something is bothering Blue, that’s for sure. I’m going to put it all together in game and see what happens. Wish me luck. haha

      Marty cracks me up, plain and simple. haha 😛 I can’t wait to see the other kids grow up, too. All of them are great so far.


  14. socallucyfan

    Awe, “Little Leo” is so cute. I had a feeling that he would be joining Blue on the island as soon as he was old enough.
    Wow, Dax did not act the way I thought he would. He seemed so happy with his life in Paris, and I had hoped that he would see that Blue was happy and too. I hoped he could be happy for her. I wonder if something happened with Cossette to make him upset and he is just taking things out on Blue.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. RosemaryMarie

      That could very well be and it’s the big question I have right now, too. I did not intend at all for their meeting to go that way, but Dax took the game out of my control, so I went with it. I really don’t know why he got so angry with Blue, but decided to write it in since it happened. lol

      I’m so glad you thought about Leo Jr. being in Winchester permanently. From the moment he arrived there as a kid for visits, he loved it, so I couldn’t see doing anything else with him. Plus, it feels really good to have Blue reunited with her family again.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. socallucyfan

        I remember when he was a kid, and all he talked about was horses. So yeah, Winchester is the place to be!!
        I also remember when Matt “rescued” Blue from Elliott and Dax fighting he talked about how naive Dax can be. He is very overly emotional. He “fell in love” with Blue out of nowhere, and attacked his brother for giving Blue a friendly hug. So, it makes sense that he would over react to Blue having kids with another man.
        While being emotional makes for a great and talented artist, it also makes him jump to conclusions and over react to even the little of things.

        Liked by 1 person

  15. fluffymao

    I adore Blue/Matt; they’re so good for each other. Not to mention, they’ve made some pretty cute kids! 😉

    It’s great that Blue’s brother will be around; she can help him through Wilda’s first pregnancy! XD But Blue’s kids are so adorable! So far I’m torn between Marty and Laurent. Laurent is a boy after my own heart, a quiet, studious child. Marty’s a bit of a loose cannon, though, which is always fun. Daredevil, perhaps? We’ll see how they turn out.

    Oh, Dax. Your lack of any social etiquette rears its ugly head once more. Blue didn’t exactly handle that the best way, but it’s a bit insulting when someone who’s had no idea what you’ve been doing for the past few years just waltzes in and questions it all. You’ve got two hot-heads in a room and there’s bound to be an explosion. Maybe they’ll patch up a rather strained freindship. But sometimes it’s just best to put the ol’ dog down. Either way, drama? 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. RosemaryMarie

      Thank you. 🙂 I adore Blue/Matt, too, and their kids. I can’t pick a favorite because they are each so unique in game.

      I can definitely see the appeal with Laurent and Marty, that’s for sure. They are quite opposite but in good ways. They each have fun and interesting qualities. 😀

      And, Dax….. this guy. No social graces. I agree that Blue could have handled that situation better; I think she was taken aback. And I do agree with you that it was insulting as well. Either way drama? Oh yes, most definitely. haha 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  16. twinsimskeletons

    Six children though X_X that’s such a full household, how on earth do you (and Blue) cope?!
    I thnk Blue was right to react that way with Dax. He shouldn’t have said that, it could easily be misconstrued if he didn’t mean it in a casual way. And then he had the nerve to get upset with her! Hmm, how long is he sticking around for?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. RosemaryMarie

      Well, he’s back in Paris at the moment, but I haven’t decided what kind of vacay he should take yet or where it will lead him, so he’s on hold at the moment. LOL

      As for the six children, would you believe that both Matt and Blue rolled for another child? I was like… uh, no! hahaha So, I guess Blue is coping just fine. As for me, I might need some hair dye soon. 😛

      Liked by 1 person

  17. dandylion240

    It was nice to see the entire family together again and that Blue and Ruby are friends again. Leo Jr would be the image of his dad if it weren’t for his dark hair. So glad that he’s so close to Blue. When will Leo move to the island to be close to his grandchildren?
    What got into Dax? It’s one thing to regret the decisions that he made but it’s another to assume Blue would feel the same way. That was a presumptuous on his part. I thought he liked Cosette? I have my reservations about her but I think she would be hurt to know what Dax did. It was unreasonable on his part to get angry at Blue because she didn’t agree with him.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. RosemaryMarie

      I was shocked about Leo Jr. and how much he looked like Leo when he aged up. 😀 I did a double take.

      That’s a good question about Leo and moving to the island. I’ve played with that idea and haven’t made a final decision yet, but it’s good to see you’re for it. 😀

      Dax and Cosette…. I totally agree with what you say about them. I originally had planned that Dax and Blue would have a good talk and find that they’d both made the right choices… but Dax in game was impossible to deal with. So, everything changed.


  18. sempreviva

    Oh how bad do I want Dax and Matt to fight right now, haha! But seriously, it wasn’t really appropriate for Dax to bring this up after all this time and given how things ended. Maybe it was because that incident was the last one for him there, while Blue has made a life for her in that community? Maybe he’s not so happy with the life he has? Who knows!
    Leo Jr. is stunning! So much like his dad ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. RosemaryMarie

      You just might get your wish with Dax and Matt. hahaha When Dax came to Winchester again, I had such plans for him but he refused to cooperate and kept picking arguments with absolutely everyone. It was as if he knew he’d come home and didn’t really fit in any longer or something. So weird.

      When Leo Jr. aged up, I gasped because he looks almost exactly like Leo.

      Liked by 1 person

  19. MM Simmerific

    Dear me… That escalated fast. Dax, what’s wrong with you? Take it out on Blue, who’s already overwhelmed as she is. *kicks Dax* I think I’m warming up to Marty, though I’m still waiting to see more of the other children’s personalities. At this point, Marty is the most fleshed out, I think. Here’s to hoping I’ll be able to catch up to the heir poll so I can make my vote!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. RosemaryMarie

      That would be great! You have plenty of time, really because the heir poll is going on for at least 8 or 9 more days. 🙂

      Marty is definitely the most fleshed out at first. I decided (later) that I would only include the girls in the heir poll because I didn’t feel ready to write from a male perspective yet. In game, Marty was so lively and everything, she was easy to figure out. It took me a little bit with the other girls, but eventually, they’re fleshed out better, too. 🙂

      As for Dax, he was such a nightmare when he came back. LOL He didn’t want to cooperate at all with me.


  20. Jes2G

    Awwww! Leo Jr. lives on the island! Yay! I’m glad Blue will have some family permanently nearby. Dax is weird. Just plain weird. And I loved this: “No! Because you’ve crossed a line and I’m putting it back where it belongs!”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. RosemaryMarie

      Thank you so much! I thought the island was the perfect place for someone like Leo Jr. since he always loved horses so much. I also thought it was really good for Blue to have family of her own around.

      LOL I’m so glad you said that about Dax. He was so unbearable during this visit. I had plans and he decided he didn’t like them. LOL


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