Chapter 3.17: Dear Diary, the Gift

Dear Diary, how is it that I can be so blissfully happy? My feet seem to barely touch the ground these days and I’m always quick with a smile when I never was in the past.

It’s more than my blossoming relationship with Matthieu. Life on the island is filled with beauty, my father and I are close again, and my family is still here, visiting. The icing on the cake is Matt. I’m not writing all of this because I expect the other shoe to drop. I know there will be difficult times ahead and that life is not all roses all the time.

It’s just that, in my entire life, I’ve never felt this way, so I intend to enjoy it as long as it lasts. The best part, is that Matthieu gives the appearance of being ecstatic, too. There was one serious moment, though, when he told me that before we could announce our engagement, he wished to speak to my father.

It was all I could do not to giggle at how sober he was when he spoke about this. As old fashioned as it sounded to me, in a way, I was delighted that he thought to ask my father for my hand.


I wasn’t supposed to be there, yet I couldn’t help but peek in through one of the newly installed windows. Briefly, I grimaced as I peered in. The house looked pretty ghastly from this view, too!

Then it was their voices that brought me back to the task at hand… trying to eavesdrop on them.


As they talked, it became quite frustrating for me. I could faintly hear their voices, but I couldn’t make out a single word. In fact, I couldn’t even make out the tones of their speech.

At least I knew the windows were quite sound!


All at once, Matt had a huge grin on his face and my heart leapt.


Next, they hugged and I realized I needed to get away from there as fast as possible.

Where was I supposed to be? It was clear I was no good at this sneaking around kind of thing. As I ran away from the house, it suddenly came to me that I’d told Matthieu I’d be clearing the garden.


I had barely caught my breath before Matthieu appeared, running toward me at full force. He scooped me up into the air and swung me around as he laughed and yelled, “Your dad said yes! He said yes!”

Laughing with him, I held onto him steadfastly, feeling the tightly corded muscles just beneath the fabric of his shirt. A tingling warmth spread through my entire body, something I’d only felt when with him. It was sensual yet sensitive, intense and fierce yet pleasant at the same time.

“When should we have the wedding?”

Slowly, he set my feet on the ground and tenderly touched my face, smoothing a loose wisp of hair back where it belonged. “I think we should have it soon before your family has to leave. Mrs. Capra said something about Leonardo’s school session beginning soon.”

Yes, he had a point. “That’s fine with me,” I enthused. “But one thing.”


“Don’t call her Mrs. Capra. It sounds weird.”

He gave me that, ‘you poorly mannered person’ smile, full of patience and said, “Until she suggests otherwise, that is exactly what I should call her.”

These people.


As soon as we announced our engagement, plans went into full force. Mostly, everyone seemed concerned about the food which made me really wonder what the wedding ceremonies were like here in Winchester.

After expressing my concerns to Agathe, she suggested that all of the ladies take a long walk on the beach with the excuse that it might settle my nerves. It was really nice having my friends and step-mother around me. The sand was toasty warm, it was humid, but once in a while, there was a nice breeze and the air smelled salty from the ocean.


As we spent the afternoon chatting and enjoying the day, I noticed that Audrey-Ann didn’t seem herself. Her face almost seemed pinched and her crystal blue eyes were troubled.

Pulling her aside, I asked as gently as I could, “Is there something bothering you?”


Her fine blond hair was finally long enough to be put up, but the humidity had created pretty little wisps around her face. Her arm was warm and damp as I reassuringly touched it.Β Glancing down at my feet, my eyes were actually drawn to her bare feet. I smiled a little to myself when I saw the pink toenail polish. Audrey-Ann had agreed to dress like everyone in the community but no one was taking away her polish.

“Blue, there is something wrong, but I don’t want to talk about it now – not when we’re talking about your wedding and everything.”

My eyes narrowed with concern. “Is it you and Elliott?”

Instantly, she shook her head. “No, we’re fine. He doesn’t even know yet.”


Now my eyes widened as my heart plummeted in my chest. “Are you sick?”

“No. And I can see now that if I don’t tell you, all you will do is worry.”

“You’re right about that!”

She stared off in the distance, her eyes glistening with tears. “After Laci was born, the midwife said I shouldn’t have anymore children. It was a real blow to Elliott, but I was happy with the little family I had.”

“Are you pregnant?” I whispered, making sure no one else could hear.

She nodded and a few tears escaped her eyes, following zigzagged paths down her face only to drip off of her chin. Impatiently, she swiped at them with her arm. “This could be dangerous for me and for the baby.”

“Why haven’t you told Elliott?”

“Because I know him well and I’m convinced that if he knew, he wouldn’t want me to risk my life. But, Blue, I’m going to have the baby no matter what. Even if it kills me.”

In shock, I put a hand to my mouth. “Either way, Elliott has to know.”

“He can’t!” she cried. “You can’t tell him either.”

“Oh no,” I said, “I’ve done a lot of lying in my past and I swore to myself I wouldn’t do anymore. So, I’ll agree to not go out of my way to say anything about this to him, but if he asks me if I know what’s wrong with you, I’ll tell him.”

She frowned as she dried her eyes. “It was wrong of me to ask you to lie. I’m sorry about that. I’ll try to tell him myself.”

“I think it’s best. He’s your husband, for goodness’ sake, you’re supposed to confide in him and make a decision together.” Yes, I said that. No, I have no experience in the matter whatsoever. But, she asked me for advice and that’s what I gave her.

Even so, I felt kind of … I don’t know… uneasy inside. What if I had to face what Audrey-Ann was going through? If you knew it was a terrible risk to have another child, would you still go ahead with it? What if the worst happened and LaciΒ had to grow up without a mother? Was that fair to her? Or Elliott?


Audrey-Ann stepped away from me to dip her feet in the water. I supposed her mind was questioning even more things that I had thought of about the situation she was in.

Suddenly, I was even more grateful for Matthieu. While I’d never had to tell him anything serious like that before, I already knew that he would be supportive and calm. Honestly, I really didn’t think Elliott would react any differently to his wife.

“Oh that is such a lovely gesture,” Leela murmured, drawing my attention.


“What is?”

“Oh nothing,” Agathe said. She seemed to look more her age every time I saw her. Married life definitely agreed with her. No longer were her lips pursed in a scowl, her eyes weren’t as squinted and she even had more coloring in her face. She was absolutely lovely.

“Oh, come on.”


“Just never mind,” Leela smiled at me.

Agathe laughed at me then. “What a face, Blue! You’ll know very soon.”


“All right, all right,” I sighed as I left them to talk to my best friend Alice. “I have a question for you.”

“The answer is no.”

“What? I haven’t even asked you yet!”

“I can’t marry you since you are already engaged to Matthieu.” My jaw dropped as, abruptly, her lips curled into a wide grin and she held her stomach with fits of laughter. “You should have seen your face!” she shrieked.

“You’re killing me,” I laughed. “I wanted to know if you would be my maid of honor.”

“Me, really?”

“Well, why are you so surprised?”

“I thought you would want to ask Ruby. She’s your sister after all.”

I frowned slightly as I thought about Ruby. Every time her name crossed my mind, my stomach clenched and I could taste bile. I wanted so badly to make amends with her, it hurt.

“You ask her, and if she won’t do it, I will,” Alice said.


Before I could say anything or even think any longer about it, Agathe pushed a white box with a red ribbon around it into my hands.

“Goodness, this is heavy! What in the world?”

“Open it,” Agathe said, holding the bottom of the box for me so I could undo the ribbon without dropping it.

My breath caught in my throat as I lifted the lid. Inside, were folds and folds of ivory lace with little pearly buttons. “Is this your wedding dress?”

Smiling wider, she said, “It was the dress I never got to wear. It didn’t seem appropriate to wear it when I finally got married since we had such a little ceremony. I want you to wear it… if you want to, that is.”

I could feel the moisture of tears brimming my eyes and I knew if I blinked, they would cascade down my face. “Of course I want to. Thank you so much.”


“Very good,” Agathe said, giving me a small hug and retying the box.Β I marveled at how everything she did was so tidy.

“My turn,” Leela said. “Your father and I want to have the farm completely redone for you and Matthieu.”

“What?” Why did I feel so horrified? “No! I mean, I appreciate that, but Matt and I are working on that together. And I think he’d feel kind of weird taking money from you and daddy.”


She paused a moment before speaking. I think my reaction had surprised her. “You see, we really like Matthieu a lot. You two make a beautiful couple and we’re very happy for you. But we’re worried about you living in that place. It looks like it could fall apart any minute.”

I don’t know why, but this really got my dander up. “Listen here,” I fumed, “Matt and I will be just fine and if the house falls down around us, we’ll just put it back up! Or live in the barn! But my husband is not going to want to take money from you and daddy, I can tell you that now!”


Swiftly, Leela pulled me into her arms, embracing me. “I didn’t mean to offend you, honestly. I’m so proud of you, Blue, and I’ll make sure your dad understands.”


With a sigh of relief, I held her back, taking in the spicy scent of her perfume. “Thank you so much, momma. I love you.”

It was the first time I’d called her that, but I meant it with all my heart. I didn’t know where Chrissy Valentine was – I hadn’t even asked my dad if he knew. But it didn’t matter. Leela had been my mom since I was in elementary school and she would be at my wedding cheering me on.

With mixed feelings about the day, I headed back to Matt’s farm… our farm. OMG… I have a farm with the man I love! Is. This. Really. Happening?!


Later in the day, after we’d cleaned up, Matt went with me to the mainland to use the hotel’s phone. There was something I had to do.


“Blue, is that you?”

“Yes, I – ”

” – I’m busy and can’t talk right now. I have a life, you know!”


I really wished she wouldn’t still be so angry with me, but more than that, I wanted her to be my maid of honor.

“I’m getting married,” I stammered, my voice shaking.

“Well, so what? Who’d you con?”

Swallowing hard, I bit my lower lip to keep the tears from spilling from my eyes. “Please, can’t you accept my apology? The reason I called is because I wanted you to be my maid of honor.”

There was a small gasp and then a laugh… a nasty, bitter sounding sneer. “Right, okay.”

“I’m not trying to trick you! I really want you to be here more than anything in the world!”

“Blue, it’s time you got this straight. See, I wouldn’t go to your piddly little island again even if it was the only safe place left in a zombie apocalypse! Have a nice life!”

Then there was nothing but the dial tone. As I slowly put the phone back on the counter, Matthieu put his arms around me.

“I’m sorry,” he said, reading my expression.


Putting my hands on either side of his face, I gave him a brave smile. “I knew it wouldn’t work out, I was just really hoping. And you know what? Our wedding is going to be wonderful!”




Author’s Note: I would like to thank Bee (Stories by Bee) for making the pose in which Matthieu swings Blue around. You can find her wonderful poses here: Poses by Bee.Β 


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    Matthhieu is so cute and proper, I really love it, they are so happy together with Blue. Ruby sounds very bitter and cruel, though, and I think it’s about time to make amends and stop the hate. It just shows how immature she is and how Blue outgrew her. Well then, she doesn’t need her and Chrissy (even though I assume Chrissy, as it’s typical for her, may suddenly show up any moment). I can’t wait for the wedding, I bet it will be as beautiful as the two previous ones in your story.

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    1. Thank you so much, Jowita. πŸ™‚ I’m glad you liked the weddings I’ve had. They are so difficult for me to stage, it’s unreal. I’ve played way ahead again, so in my game, Blue has been married for a while. I can tell you that her wedding was the most difficult yet. hahaha Her horse showed up and actually got into the wedding arch with Blue and Matt, the jealous little thing! So, if some of the pictures seem a little wonky, well, there you go. LOLOL

      As for the action, you are right! After the wedding, it has to pick up big time. I am planning a time jump in the near future in order to catch up.

      Ruby does need to get over it already. I like what you said about how her maturity now lags behind Blue’s. Weird how things turn out. πŸ™‚

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    When I’m right……….I’m right and Matthieu is so right for her! It’s those silent confident ones that hold back and wait…I know cause I married one myself.

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    Poor Audrey-Ann! I hope her time on the island teaches her some good lessons too. Like secrets between husbands and wives is a Huge recipe for disaster.

    Great job and thank you for the shout out on the pose. Happy to do it and it took very little time at all.

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    1. Thank you, Bee! You know that I am totally geeked when you make poses for me! ❀

      I totally agree with what you say about both Ruby and Audrey-Ann. Audrey-Ann is still a fairly young newlywed so hopefully she will learn soon that keeping secrets does her no favors. Ruby – yes to the therapist! The ball is in her court now, so maybe she will come to her senses.

      P.S. I think you're right about those silent, confident ones. lol

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    1. Thank you so much! πŸ™‚ I think it’s a shame about Ruby, too. She might just surprise us, though. You’re very right that she needs to come to terms with her anger.

      I think it’s sweet, too, that Agathe gave Blue her wedding dress. Blue looks lovely in it. πŸ˜€

      Matt and Blue do seem suited for each other very well, I agree. I think they have a bright future ahead of them!

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    1. Thank you, hafuhga! Yes, the next chapter is the wedding! πŸ˜€ I hope you will like it. Sims weddings really stress me out! hahaha

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      I think Agathe’s new life suits her well now, too. She does look better, for sure. I think once the weight of guilt she had over Dax was lifted and she was able to find love again, she could breathe again and enjoy life.

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      1. Well, I really don’t mind if I don’t see Chrissy again (I read/watched the previous chapters already but wanted to do it again, with enough time … unfortumatly time is what I possess less but it is still on my list πŸ™‚ and I felt pitty for her but a nice character was she not, so…. and I also believe that Audrey and Ruby may deliver enough drama, πŸ˜‰

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        1. Honestly, I don’t mind if Chrissy doesn’t show up either. You’re right that she really wasn’t a nice character and I think Blue probably doesn’t have anything Chrissy wants. I think you’re right, too, about Audrey-Ann and Ruby. haha

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  5. It seems like the start all over again with trouble between sisters, a farm to fix up, and more external drama.

    I always thought much more highly of Ruby. She has problems with the return of the prodigal child being revered, when she sees only the fault that was and not the change that has occurred. The resentment and the jealousy are hard to get past. Both are very human and very understandable. I know Ruby will sort it out as she always was both close to Blue and an extraordinarily sweetly disposed sim.

    As regards the other drama: if the wife is at risk with another pregnancy, then the husband should have an outpatient procedure, shouldn’t he? Nothing would be more important to a newlywed man than the safety of his wife (and his newborn child). The fact that another babe does cause a risk means bed rest, extreme care, and lots of prayers and faith, I think.

    I look forward to seeing the resolution of all life’s challenges.

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    1. Thank you so much, ciane! πŸ™‚ I really love how you put Ruby’s situation into words. It is perfectly written and exactly what is happening. I think, when it comes down to it, Ruby might surprise us.

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    1. Thank you so much, Cathy! πŸ™‚ I agree that Ruby will regret that a great deal!

      It’s amazing where Blue has ended up after where she began and it does really seem to suit her. I’m looking forward to catching everyone up to where I’ve played again. lol πŸ˜€

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    1. Thank you so much, Marj! πŸ™‚ With the way I picture Matthieu, I couldn’t see him NOT asking Leo for Blue’s hand. I see him as someone with a strong moral compass and the backbone to follow it up, too. πŸ˜€

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    1. Thank you so much, Audrey πŸ™‚ I’m so happy for Blue, too! Blue looked really pretty but her dang horse showed up and kept getting in the arch with her and Matt. LOL It was a bit stressful. πŸ˜› But anyway, you will see the pics next week.

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    1. Thank you so much πŸ™‚ Isn’t that a terrible situation for Audrey-Ann? I agree with you on your perception of Elliott and think he would be accepting and supportive. She just needs to rip the band-aid off and fill him in.

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    1. Thank you so much, Violincat! πŸ™‚ I think that was sweet about Matthieu, too. You are so right about Leo knowing Blue is marrying a good man.

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      I hope nothing bad happens to Audrey-Ann either. She and Elliott are so cute together. πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you, Lil πŸ™‚ It is almost as if Ruby and Blue have switched places, isn’t it? lol Hopefully, it will all be sorted out soon.

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    1. Thank you so much, Jolie! Great comment! It does seem very much unlike how Ruby used to be. She was so easy going before and nothing ever seemed to really get her down. You make a really good point about Leo knowing where Blue was the entire time. While Blue was away, Ruby was the model daughter. Is this enough to explain the way Ruby has reacted to Blue’s return? Either way, I think Ruby will most likely regret how she’s behaved.

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  14. The bad blood between Ruby and Blue makes me sad, but some scars just run too deep. Blue committed an incredibly selfish act at a time both she and Ruby were at a very pivotal developmental stage. That kind of betrayal isn’t going to fade away any time soon. Blue should still try, by all means! But to expect anything to happen even within the next few years is a bit unrealistic.

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    1. Thank you, fluffymao! I can’t wait for that either! I’ve played ahead so I know some things! I wish so badly I could tell you! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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    1. Thank you so much, socallucyfan! πŸ™‚ I’m excited for Matt and Blue, too. You are 100% right about Leo! haha

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    1. Matt is very proper, isn’t he? lol I agree that I think Blue did the right thing by not accepting any money from Leo and Leela. For one thing, it might make Matt feel awkward, but also, it’s a bonding experience for them to work on the house themselves.

      You are so right about Ruby! I think she might regret her attitude about Blue in the future.

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    I really hope Audrey-Ann will be ok. It won't be fair for Elliot to lose her after they were apart for so long, or for their kids to grow up without her mom.
    And Ruby should grow up! Ok, she said it like it was at first, but enough girl! Blue is not the same person anymore! I really hope she'll come around.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you πŸ™‚ This is one wedding I couldn’t wait for either. It felt like forever to me getting her to this point but she had so much growing up to do. lol

      You’ll hear more about Audrey-Ann in the future. πŸ™‚

      And Ruby! You’re right about that. It’s a broken record now, move on, girl. lol πŸ˜€

      Liked by 1 person

  19. I understand Ruby, but she’s taking this a bit too far. I get it. She was hurt and abandoned. They were super close as children, and with Blue leaving, they couldn’t be any more different. I can’t even imagine Ruby in Winchester. O_o Ah well… At least Blue is all blissful and happy with Matt. Can’t wait for the cute little toddlers!

    Liked by 1 person

  20. Gosh, Ruby! I really wish Matthieu and Blue would let her parents redo the farm. Why do people always view extravagant gifts as taking money from someone? It’s a gift! And accepting it would save them time and money. I know it’s a pride thing. I just don’t get it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I can see where you’re coming from. It would have been easier and quicker to let her parents do that. And you are right about it being a pride thing. I guess at the time, I was thinking that fixing the place up would be a bonding experience for Matt and Blue, but looking back, I kind of wish they had Leo and Leela do that. πŸ˜€

      Liked by 1 person

      1. lol, sure. It’s definitely not a bad thing. I think you made the right choice! I guess similar situations in my real life come up so much and I’m like what’s wrong with everyone?? Take the money! LOL

        Liked by 1 person

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