She trusted herself before
She had a tranquil soul
That was once upon a time
That was long ago

She carries now her story
She holds it veryΒ bravely
A renewabeforeandafterl of the mind
Is what she craves so greatly

With family surrounding her
Each and every day
She rediscovers the beauty
She lost along the way

The adventure is not over
There are pages left to write
She will not look behind her
The past is out of sight

20 thoughts

  1. Beautiful poem. When I read about the family I thought about Memphis and why wouldn’t beauty be the little Jilly? She just can think about her on and on and discover new things. That’s probably only my complicated adaption. Anyways, very well written.

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  2. Lovely! Definitely one that can carry a multitude of meanings… have read it twice now and each passing brought a different thought into my mind. I think I might print and hang it up on the wall by my computer since these thoughts are obviously things I should ponder upon πŸ™‚

    Thank YOU for sharing!

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